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Machine World: Working on a bowuplaats in this sandbox game


World Machine is a new iPhone game where you can work on an immense construction site. You are free to walk around on a construction site and can control all kinds of vehicles. Think of a rescue helicopter, truck, dump truck, so we can go on.
The game is very fun to play because the game has a control for both young and elderly easy to master to get. This new game for your iPhone is available in the App Store for a price of € 1.59.

Download Machine World

Concept video from another iPhone 5 mock-up surfaced


Two days ago we were your photos and a video showing a previous iPhone 5 mock-up. Let it have to be so that no rumors circulating of an iPhone 5, but is remarkably concept videos. So we now have a concept of a video for your iPhone 5 mock-up that includes many interesting features. For example, it includes a new home button, larger screen and so on. You can watch the video below.

IM + Pro: Multifunctional instant messaging app for the iPhone and iPad (temporarily € 0.79)


IM + Pro is a universal application in which all social messaging apps in one. You can simultaneously logged in as Skype, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN, Google Talk, MySpace, Facebook and Skype chat. IM + Pro supports push notifications, so you will know immediately when someone has sent you a message.
IM + Pro also includes support for themes, it contains an embedded web browser, and you can further access to your entire call history. This app is a must-have and is now temporarily reduced from € 3.99 to € 0.79 a little

Download IM+ Pro

Steam Rush HD: Be nimble and quick as possible (temporarily free)


Steam Rush HD is an iPhone game where you are in control of a small robot. This robot is very fast, but being chased by all sorts of robots. Steam Rush HD is actually more of a racing game where you must maneuver as quickly as possible across platforms.
Watch out, because the moving platforms and there may be some mines, but even stones falling from the sky. Steam Rush HD will soon be another playable online with 4 people. Steam Rush HD takes normally more than € 4.99 but is now temporarily free.

Download Steam Rush HD free|

HD Weather: Weather app for the Mac again temporarily reduced in price


Perhaps you've already read about Weather HD for the Mac. Weather HD is one of the most popular weather apps on your Mac. The app displays the weather in a wonderful way to your Mac through various animations that match the current weather. Weather HD is another Dutch and is constantly updated with new animations updates.
The app is within a few seconds to open from your menu bar. You can then again watching not only your home but also other cities abroad or elsewhere in the Netherlands. Weather HD is a must-have app, and is now temporarily reduced from € 2.39 to € 0.79.

Download HD Weather

Jambalaya: fun word game for the iPhone and iPad (temporarily free)


Jambalaya is a word game for your iPhone and iPad which is very addictive. Unfortunately the game is not Dutch, but only Engelese. Jambalaya is such a popular game that he has won a Pixel Award in 2011. To celebrate, developer Fast Spot Jambalaya temporarily available for free in the App Store, while it normally costs € 1.59.
Jambalaya to get a few letters for you and a time limit. Of these characters, you make as many English words by drawing lines between all the characters. When you connect a letter every time you hear a nice piano tune. Download Jambalaya quickly now he is temporarily available for free on your iPhone and iPhone.

Download Jambalaya

Snappr: Dynamic Effects Lens for iPhone


Snappr is an iPhone application which is now temporarily available for free in cooperation with the AppEvent. Snappr Fisheye lens displays dynamic effects to your photos. You can choose from over five different types of lens effects. If you have a picture taken can share it for example Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and email. This cool app normally costs more than € 1.59 but is now temporarily free.

Download Snappr

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