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Inspired by Apple


The newly published " Samsung Galaxy Ace "provided only at the beginning of the week for scorn and derision toward Samsung. The entry-level smartphone, so the critics would be geared too much to the iPhone 3G and its successor, the iPhone 3G. Plastic body, rounded corners, a small button on the front and volume buttons on the side. Instead of equipping the existing Galaxy generations with the latest Android software, you invest in replicas of old iPhone models. Dock Connector included.

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Mobeen "Magic Feet" invites Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad and Apple's wireless Bluetooth keyboard


Mobee known to us by the nice ideas Charger for Apple's Magic Mouse and wireless keyboard mixed, these two products are now at a " The Magic Feet "called combined-charger.

The product is expected in March at a price of $ 150 placed on the market,
included alongside the retained aluminum-look base station are required for the induction charge special battery pack for the Magic Mouse and Apple wireless keyboard included, the battery for the keyboard can alternatively be used with the Magic trackpad from Apple.

And out the new version of iDatabase for Mac


Apimac has released a few hours the new version of the famous iDatabase , a personal database management software simpler and easier to use for everyone.

iDatabase-favored is designed to interface and functionality specific to Mac OS X and allows you to organize all the information with a click. iDatabase is an excellent personal database for your Mac The application offers a great user experience and allows you to quickly organize all the useful information for business or leisure.

Choose from 22 models ready to use and customize the most suitable to organize your information. The models included are: Accounts, Books, CD Collection, Classes, Computers, Contacts, Customers, DVD Collection, Events, Exercise Log, Expenses, Inventory, Movie Catalog, Membership List, Mobile Phones, Notes, Pet Care, Projects, Records, Recipes, To Do and Vehicle Maintenance.

iDatabase Page
MAC AppStore

'Cross your fingers': new update from pod2g progress for the Jailbreak on-chip A5


Very attentive pod2g to inform the public about the status of the work behind the chips Apple A5 , one mounted on devices like the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 . A few moments ago, a new update was published on his blog official.

This post explains the notorious hacker known that many hackers are helping to find a security flaw in the chip A5 in order to release a stable tool for the untethered jailbreak of the iPhone and iPad 4S 2 with IOS 5.0.1.
Planetbeing The hacker, known for some Jailbreak and Unlock with previous versions of Apple firmware, after a long absence from the scene has agreed to cooperate with pod2g.
In addition we know that MuscleNerd is closely working to find this exploit having already released an updated version of redsn0w Jailbreak to allow mounting of devices that do not A5.
And last but not least, P0sixninja delChronic Dev Team leaders who have long worked together with pod2g.
A well-matched team of hackers are working hard to release this Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone and iPad 4S 2, a jailbreak now available through Redsn = w on all devices that do not feature the new chip, named several times, Apple's A5.
Pod2g ends his post with a simple 'Cross your fingers'.

Apple will open 25 new stores in the commercial chain of Target


According to sources very close to Apple , the Cupertino company this year has scheduled the opening of 25 new stores within the famous American retail chain Target

The operation would have only a small beginning, given that Target, the second largest chain of retail discount stores in the United States, operates 1752 stores. Apple has opened 359 of its retail stores worldwide, 245 of which the United States.
Apple currently operates a very similar solution with over 600 stores Best Buy, in which are the "Apple Shop" some of whom have trained consultants from Apple Solution. Best Buy has more than 1,000 stores in the United States.
This renews a partnership, that between Apple and Target, which began back in 2002 with the sale of iPods in the famous American stores

Video: iPhone survives fall from space with G-Form Case


We have videos regularly pass by which the G-Form Case is tested. In the last video we saw an iPhone in a G-Form Case survived a fall of over 400 meters high. But now the men behind the case an iPhone dropped from outer space. Amazingly, this iPad survives the fall. You can only see in video below.

iPhone 3 gets better cameras and iPhone 2 will be reduced in price?


Previously it seemed that Apple iPad 3 with two different models will come. Retin-A model will contain a cheaper model without Retina. Now reports web site iLounge that Apple iPad 3 will introduce just one, not two models of it. Instead of half cheaper model, Apple iPad 2 in price from $ 499 down to $ 399, which for us will be between € 379, - will be.
This sounds not so bad in itself, since Apple does the same with the iPhone 3G. It is also, according to iLounge 's anonymous source in the Apple iPad 3 will include improved camera and one millimeter thicker will have to make room for parts. For now there are rumors going around about the iPhone 3, so this message you back with a grain of salt.

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