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Withings Announces Baby Scale with IOS access


Withings was one of the first providers of health care equipment with IOS access. The French started a little over two years (with the first personal scale with wireless connectivity and associated app presented here by us ), then last summer came a blood pressure monitor added. A Baby Monitor for iPhone has already been presented and should actually also be available at retail in the coming weeks.
On the occasion of this week in Las Vegas electronics show held CES announced the company is now a special scale for babies and toddlers. The functionality should be essentially indistinguishable from the "big" Withings scale, but the new model comes with a removable baby carrier and is responsible for the accurate display in the lower weight ranges optimized (according to the manufacturer to just 10g). The launch of the baby scale is planned for early summer.

Small update: Good old master PDF Reader in a new version


The newly released update to version 3.13.1 we take this opportunity to once again draw attention to the "Good Reader". The 3.99 € expensive app is not only one of the best PDF reader for IOS devices, but is still clear with several other file formats. The documents can be via a wired synchronization, even wireless and by combining them with online services such as iDisk to transfer Google Docs, Dropbox, or directly from FTP servers. The only downside: Good Reader is not a universal app, but is only available in separate versions for iPhone and iPod touch as well as for the iPad available.
The newly released version improves handwriting PDF Anmerkdungen and allows applying new finger gestures, for example, the forward and backward scrolling with three fingers.
A link for Mac users who work with Dropbox and Good Reader: You can send documents automatically through the Print dialog to your IOS device - how exactly you see in the video here .

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