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Steam Rush HD: Be nimble and quick as possible (temporarily free)


Steam Rush HD is an iPhone game where you are in control of a small robot. This robot is very fast, but being chased by all sorts of robots. Steam Rush HD is actually more of a racing game where you must maneuver as quickly as possible across platforms.
Watch out, because the moving platforms and there may be some mines, but even stones falling from the sky. Steam Rush HD will soon be another playable online with 4 people. Steam Rush HD takes normally more than € 4.99 but is now temporarily free.

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HD Weather: Weather app for the Mac again temporarily reduced in price


Perhaps you've already read about Weather HD for the Mac. Weather HD is one of the most popular weather apps on your Mac. The app displays the weather in a wonderful way to your Mac through various animations that match the current weather. Weather HD is another Dutch and is constantly updated with new animations updates.
The app is within a few seconds to open from your menu bar. You can then again watching not only your home but also other cities abroad or elsewhere in the Netherlands. Weather HD is a must-have app, and is now temporarily reduced from € 2.39 to € 0.79.

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