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Apple's iPhone fell out of the top three domestic smart


From 13.3% in the second quarter of this year fell to 10.4 percent in the third quarter, Apple 's smart phone market in China, the first decline, and was more than China's domestic brands Huawei, China's mainland market's fourth-largest smart phone brand. And Apple's market share in some European countries also saw a decline phenomenon

  It is the Apple market share in mainland China the first decline, but also the first time China's domestic brands beyond. Although the data are not officially recognized Apple, but Apple is not a Chinese mobile phone market share dropped a unique market, released yesterday, the market research company KantarWorldpanelComTech research data shows that in the end of November of 12 weeks, although Apple's U.S. market share from 25% growth last year to 36% market share in the UK last year from 21% to 31%. However, Apple's market share in France, 29% from the prior year fell to 20% market share in Germany of 27% from the prior year fell to 22%. In Italy and Spain, Apple's market share is also down there.
  For Europe's decline, the research company that in the context of the European debt crisis, some European countries, consumers are increasingly sensitive to the price of apples. The industry veteran Yang group that Apple's market share decline does not mean that their products popular in China, but its high price, but also give Chinese consumers switch to Apple and other brands of important reasons. It is understood that Chinese consumers with less than 2,000 yuan a purchase price of other brands of smart phones, Apple iPhone 4 price is equivalent to more than double this price.
  Meanwhile, Apple is only a phone competition in the market, but also allow more consumers to give up the Apple phone. Apple in the Chinese mainland market with a single model of competition, a single price, single strategy for different operators, including Motorola, Samsung, and local Chinese associations, Cool, Huawei and other brands Andrews camp is attacking on all sides.
  Since the first quarter of 2010, Apple's market share in China has reached more than 2 times before, but Samsung's market share over the same period is four times higher than before. Young people in the industry group that, while in the high-end models, the Andrews camp can not be positive with the Apple iphone competition, but Motorola, Lenovo, Cool and other system vendors Andrews took evasive marketing strategy, through a variety of models , a variety of prices and number of operators, etc., to provide consumers with more choices to squeeze in the market share of Apple.

Take or Convert 3D videos iOS Application


Whether you need to wear special glasses to enjoy using the naked eye or direct, 3D images have been more and more in our daily lives. You in the cinema of the "Avatar" and "Transformers 3" absolutely not praise these 3D movies when there is no thought one day I could make a 3D video?   This is not a joke. According to foreign media reports, the former software developer NXP Software has recently released a can record / convert 3D video of iOS applications - VideoCam3D. iOS users can use VideoCam3D for blue / red 3D video recording, and support CineXPlayer (also from NXP Software Development) 3D video player to watch.   Of course, the 3D video recording the first condition is iOS devices have their own camera. However, even in the absence of the camera - such as a generation of iPad, and 3rd generation iPod touch him, VideoCam3D is not completely useless, because this application can perform 3D video conversion.   VideoCam 3D has been added to App Store, $ 0.99, matching the application CineXPlayer sells for $ 1.99. Finally, we appreciate so with a simple 3D video produced by the VideoCam3D

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