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Couplet: Siri horror movie, Whats App Free, AppStore-year figures for 2011 & more

Messenger "Whats App" for free:
The cross-platform alternative text "Whats App" ( AppStore link ) is waived for the holidays on your money, and can currently be downloaded free from the AppStore. The fan base is large and although we were able to make friends with the app never really - our rich mail and text messages - you can not do much wrong with the download.

Figures for the AppStore in 2011:
The AppStore analysts Distimo have their PDF Annual Review " Distimo Full Year 2011 "released for download. This paper highlights statistics Friends of the seven major app stores from Apple, Amazon, Google, Windows, Nokia and Co. shows the growth of the software department stores and the share of freemium applications. 10 pages knackevolle the list include the global top-10 of smartphone applications for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. In the first three places to keep Angry Birds , Facebook and Skype . The annual review can here be downloaded.
HD video app "Flare" for free:
Also in May, presented video-app "flare" ( AppStore link ) and there are currently at for 0 €. The video app makes motion pictures in extremely saturated colors and promises the creation of short films HDR. The AppStore reviews are not so hot. A self-test is recommended.
Vocal for voice-activated Mac-operation:
An iPhone 4S provided, the Mac can own with the AppStore download "Vocal" ( AppStore link ) is now controlled through voice commands. Is the free intercom system installed on a Mac can run playlists, email and written Google searches should be discontinued. This Youtube video shows the vocal sample and can be seen: The voice command center is likely playing as a productivity booster.

Android activations:
According to Google's Andy Rubin are currently enabled more than half a million Android phones per day. " There are now over 700 000 Android devices activated every day "
Update on Flickr:
The in-house photo app of the picture portal Flickr ( AppStore link ) can be with her ​​today issued updated now load up to 10 photos at a time into the network, improves the background upload and has its user-interface slightly revised.
Siri horror film
A little horror story with Siri among the protagonists. Youtube direct link


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