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iPhone4S been assessed the year 2011 the best bits of the

Apple 's iPhone 4S launched a few months, but 2011 has been called the best smart phone products. Its sophisticated design as well as software quality, Apple's mobile phone on the long road to play in the industry, the role of promoter, the other competitors to demonstrate how to create a successful product. Perhaps many people do not agree with this view, claiming that iPhone4 S 4.3-inch screen is not large size, and free 4G network connectivity, not allowed to become eligible to dominate. Or even that the popularity of view in accordance with the operating system, Android smartphones should go beyond the iPhone.

However, such criticism is not correct, Apple is still the smart phone consumers around the world, and the product of choice for business users, the following list iPhone4S to win the 10 reasons:
  1 with the best design on the market
iPhone4S glass substrate giving it a stylish appearance, excellent display and simple menu button, a simple user-friendly control use. Apple's new iPhone this year, if the design will show popular in the market, but unfortunately there is still no news, but even so it is still more excellent than other similar products.
2 The new wireless system is a popular add-
iPhone4 launch, consumers find shelter for holding telephone antenna, resulting in loss of communication to happen. However iPhone4S new wireless systems have not only let the problem be solved, but also by such as AT & T's 3G network, use of connectivity similar to 4G. Machine may not support this section 4G, but has not far off, according to early reports of consumer experience, 4S communication quality is quite good.
3.Siri voice dialogue
This year in mobile phones and user interaction development, in the case of the most groundbreaking Siri. Users can now iPhone4S their phones and talk, under the command write short messages, check the schedule or a lot of inquiries. Siri there is still much room for improvement, but it is completely hands-free phone calls the first starting point
4 The application is still the highest ranking
Google's application store AndroidMarket received considerable development this year, but the market share ratio is still far behind Apple's AppStore, In addition, AndroidMarket many programs have been found to contain malicious software.

5 no safety issue concerns
Android mobile phone system and different, iPhone4S this year, there have been no security breaches doubts about the iOS system more robust protection than Android. Development within the next few years, more and more cyber-criminals and malicious hackers will use the Android system engage in unlawful activities.
6 companies preferred
While the iPhone does not always show the friendly attitude of the business, but it has been more and more IT companies around the world, top of all ages. Apple introduced a series of business-oriented applications, plus excellent remote device management features, sights Blackberry position in the hearts of business people.
7 reasonable price
iPhone4S price the same as the previous generation, asking price $ 199, 32GB and 64GB versions of each to 299,399 dollars. 4S at this price can be right on, other products or less expensive, but at the same price hundreds of dollars in products to be the case, buy a 4S seems stable properly.
8 to break the carriers dominate the situation
Previously only for the Apple iPhone AT & T customers, so the market has always been complaining about suffering, but this year companies will cooperate to expand business operations to Verizon and Sprint, for the 4S considerable advantage.
9 Reliability is everything
Consumers to buy goods, in addition to price considerations, the focus lies also purchase the actual experience. iPhone4S user experience is very eye-catching, high scores evaluation of customer satisfaction, it is clear that the market is a credible choice.
10 master's service
iPhone4S best thing is that it brings together a number of consumer services around the world, not only iTunes , AppStore, icloud , etc., if the user wants to video chat, but also links to other mobile products by FaceTime or MAC computer. Today, Apple's secret weapon has been converted to customer service and get reflected on the iPhone.


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