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Jambalaya: fun word game for the iPhone and iPad (temporarily free)


Jambalaya is a word game for your iPhone and iPad which is very addictive. Unfortunately the game is not Dutch, but only Engelese. Jambalaya is such a popular game that he has won a Pixel Award in 2011. To celebrate, developer Fast Spot Jambalaya temporarily available for free in the App Store, while it normally costs € 1.59.
Jambalaya to get a few letters for you and a time limit. Of these characters, you make as many English words by drawing lines between all the characters. When you connect a letter every time you hear a nice piano tune. Download Jambalaya quickly now he is temporarily available for free on your iPhone and iPhone.

Download Jambalaya

Snappr: Dynamic Effects Lens for iPhone


Snappr is an iPhone application which is now temporarily available for free in cooperation with the AppEvent. Snappr Fisheye lens displays dynamic effects to your photos. You can choose from over five different types of lens effects. If you have a picture taken can share it for example Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and email. This cool app normally costs more than € 1.59 but is now temporarily free.

Download Snappr

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