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Apple iPad to replace a cash register are mainstream payment

even though mobile payment is still in early stages of development, but mobile devices, especially Apple products, has become the mainstream choice for U.S. retailers.

Currently, the U.S. national retailers are deploying mobile payment. According to the U.S. retailers Low's data released last week, the company has deployed in the United States and Canada, 42,000 handheld devices. Home Depot, Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters and other companies had also announced a similar data.

Although some retailers did not disclose what is currently mainly deployed mobile payment devices, but in most cases, these retailers to use Apple's products, including iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch. And although these devices are commonly used to accept payment, but many sales people also use these devices to find answers, and understand the product inventory and so on.

Global Bay Mobile software company, said the use of Apple products, retailers are moving more and more pay. The company said Tuesday it will help the retailer Pacific Sunware 300 home stores in the deployment of iPad. The company also plans next year 500 to 600 stores pay for the deployment of such equipment.

Global Bay CEO special (Sandeep Bhanote) said that according to his mobile retail solutions experience, Apple is changing the market, and make mobile payment accepted by the public. Everyone wants to understand Apple's technology, and no one cares about Android and the previous generation devices. Apple's retail industry is currently the world, but this situation may change next year. Google, Square and Verifone and other companies are also actively explore the recent mobile payment market.

Banuo Te said, Global Bay in November last year for the first time to deploy iPad, was a company called Things Remembered in the mall, and the iPad as a self-service equipment to use. He said, iPad can make the user experience smoother.

Even though still in its early stages, but there is evidence that handheld devices will continue to develop, from a device to help people simplify the process becomes a tool to promote sales. Banuo Te said the next stage of mobile payment services is the introduction of business elements.

Ba Nuote declined over the past year, the company deployed a number of units iPad. However, he said, retailers have seen one of the results. Retailer reported that the use of Apple equipment to provide customers with services, the average order price increased by 12%.


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