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iPhone version of Facebook in January will support Timeline


Chances are you already a little past few days have been playing with the new timeline feature of Facebook. The iPhone app of Facebook has now been updated to support Facebook timeline. But this means that the iPhone version remains, it still needs to be updated to support timeline.
When this would happen was not yet known, but now there are rumors that sometime late in January 2012 will geboren.Althans if we 9to5mac site Facebook will be believed then launch timeline. Timeline for Facebook Facebook launches a little later for the iPhone due to the fact that there were bugs found while testing this version.

Untethered jailbreak for Apple TV 4.4.4 coming soon


The men of Fire Core have announced that they are currently working on an update. This update gives support for the untethered jailbreak which was released yesterday by pod2g. This makes it possible to reassemble an untethered jailbreak to run on Apple TV with software version 4.4.4.
The last tests of the jailbreak were performed on an Apple TV with software version 4.4.3. NitoTV, co-developer of seas0npass, gave his twitter that were already starting up the Apple TV when it took less than six minutes. But this was only the first time and then times were quite fast. Also, he indicated that the jailbreak is still relatively unstable and therefore not ready for release.
Now that Apple has recently released version 4.4.4 for Apple TV, Fire Core would prefer this firmware untethered jailbreak. This is because most people already have the 4.4.4 update to run and probably not ShSh blobs have to return to 4.4.3. A release date is not given, but it is expected that the update is released as soon as possible.

A new scam by Mail asks for information on our Apple account. Warning!


Some attackers they would be sending fake emails asking for details of our accounts Apple . The emails appear very similar to real applications from Apple, but do not be fooled.

The agency Intego has revealed that this new attempt to steal personal data, published a notice on the scam earlier this week.
This phishing email is sent from an account "appleid@id.apple.com" and informing them that the purchase information are about to expire and will need to follow a certain link to solve the problem.
Customers are therefore urged to click on a link 'http://store.apple.com' that redirects to a fake login page to enter Apple's only useful for our data 'donandoli' to fraudsters.
Although phishing aimed at Apple customers is not new, this particular effort has attracted special attention because the mail is incredibly detailed and well crafted. The message uses the Apple logo with relative uses shading and better graphics than previous scams.
As a precautionary measure, users should always remember not to click directly on links in the mail, but go to their sites on their own.

Apple TVs 32 inches and 37 in early 2012?


Suppliers Apple could start preparing the materials for the new Apple TV in the first quarter of next year. As reported by Digitimes, the long awaited launch of Apple product may occur during the second or third quarter of 2012.

In Korea, the press announced that Samsung Electronics has started production of chips for iTV in November last year, while production of the screens of televisions will be entrusted to Sharp .
Television is produced by Apple will integrate a flat panel of some if not all the functions now carried out the Apple TV , but according to inside sources, the California-based company will continue to manufacture Apple TV, further updated in 2012.
While the birth of this new product now seems certain, thanks to the confirmations found in the biography of Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson, some items they would like to implement similar functionality to the Syrians in the 2013 Apple TV.

Nano Recall: Apple sends new iPod model as a replacement


Apple shipped in this country now seems the current generation iPod nanos in exchange for as part of a recall campaign sent the old models of the first generation.
Several readers have reported that they either ship notices, or even have already received the replacement equipment. Instead of the old model, there are now probably a touch nano with 8GB memory.

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