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Is this the screen of the iPhone 3?


Earlier today you could have some reading about the iPad panels of three , this would , according to DigiTimes which is called IGZO panels. On a Korean forum (registration required), a member would have posted pictures of two screens you can see below.
Above that of the iPhone screen would be 2 and 3 below an iPad. We may see a difference between the two difficult, but if we connect with that of the iPad 2 there is a difference between the two. If we MacRumors may believe there is a difference among different wiring.

As you can see there are three brown ribbon cables leading from the Screen Itself to the circuit board. The small brown cable to the far left is the power cable, while the other two cables are wide for display data. This configuration matches with the top display in the Leaked photo (though the power cable is missing).
The iPhone clAimED 3 3 wide ribbon cables PhotoShows That Might Be Used for dates. The iPad 3 is expected to carry a high resolution screen of 2048 × 1536 which is four times the number of pixels of the current iPad 2, so the need for Additional data bandwidth would be understand bootable.

SEGA released 2012 edition of the whole platform "Sonic 4: Chapter II"


Sega's "Sonic" series is on a global scale are highly popular game, and today we find the official Sega has announced a series of forums on the sequel "Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 (Sonic 4: Second chapter) "in 2012 landed the major platforms, including XBOX360/PS3/iOS/Android/WP7 news, and released a promotional video:

"Sonic 4: Chapter II" is a "Sonic 4: The first chapter," the sequel, will adopt a new physics engine development, the game screen up to 1080p, corresponding to the major high-definition home console, iPad 2 and the use of Android and WP7 HD mobile device operating systems, various ways to enhance the operation of the game into a sense of both host and device with which the players (Wii tears mesh), can feel a sense of sonic hedgehog speed maneuvering.   SEGA in 2010 introduced the "Sonic 4: Chapter," and sold on the iOS platform, this time of continued support for the addition to the new platform, but also for the NVIDIA Tegra processor is optimized, but good news is that the device is also WP can play to this for. Adventure continues, there was the game industry "hardcore" title SEGA now has an open mind to the mobile platform to spread his own way, more like sonic hedgehog in new platforms and new models on display charm, to more people bring happiness

Developers successfully run on Apple TV iOS application


Those who have been entangled want to jailbreak your Apple TV users may this time there really is a good reason for escape had. Well-known developer Steven Troughton-Smith and other developers said recently that they have successfully run on Apple TV iOS applied.   Troughton-Smith posted on the Twitter photos to show Apple TV to run their homemade iOS springboard and a variety of iOS applications.   Although the Apple TV's software is based on the iOS system, but to run iOS applications in the above is a difficult task. Developers to re-write the basic springboard. Although not yet released, but hope remains high.   It reminds us of the original native iPhone application store is not the time, escaped those who need to find another way. Apple notes that the local third-party applications are more and more attention, the official Apple App Store also came into being. Perhaps, the same thing will happen again.

iPhone version of Facebook in January will support Timeline


Chances are you already a little past few days have been playing with the new timeline feature of Facebook. The iPhone app of Facebook has now been updated to support Facebook timeline. But this means that the iPhone version remains, it still needs to be updated to support timeline.
When this would happen was not yet known, but now there are rumors that sometime late in January 2012 will geboren.Althans if we 9to5mac site Facebook will be believed then launch timeline. Timeline for Facebook Facebook launches a little later for the iPhone due to the fact that there were bugs found while testing this version.

Untethered jailbreak for Apple TV 4.4.4 coming soon


The men of Fire Core have announced that they are currently working on an update. This update gives support for the untethered jailbreak which was released yesterday by pod2g. This makes it possible to reassemble an untethered jailbreak to run on Apple TV with software version 4.4.4.
The last tests of the jailbreak were performed on an Apple TV with software version 4.4.3. NitoTV, co-developer of seas0npass, gave his twitter that were already starting up the Apple TV when it took less than six minutes. But this was only the first time and then times were quite fast. Also, he indicated that the jailbreak is still relatively unstable and therefore not ready for release.
Now that Apple has recently released version 4.4.4 for Apple TV, Fire Core would prefer this firmware untethered jailbreak. This is because most people already have the 4.4.4 update to run and probably not ShSh blobs have to return to 4.4.3. A release date is not given, but it is expected that the update is released as soon as possible.

A new scam by Mail asks for information on our Apple account. Warning!


Some attackers they would be sending fake emails asking for details of our accounts Apple . The emails appear very similar to real applications from Apple, but do not be fooled.

The agency Intego has revealed that this new attempt to steal personal data, published a notice on the scam earlier this week.
This phishing email is sent from an account "appleid@id.apple.com" and informing them that the purchase information are about to expire and will need to follow a certain link to solve the problem.
Customers are therefore urged to click on a link 'http://store.apple.com' that redirects to a fake login page to enter Apple's only useful for our data 'donandoli' to fraudsters.
Although phishing aimed at Apple customers is not new, this particular effort has attracted special attention because the mail is incredibly detailed and well crafted. The message uses the Apple logo with relative uses shading and better graphics than previous scams.
As a precautionary measure, users should always remember not to click directly on links in the mail, but go to their sites on their own.

Apple TVs 32 inches and 37 in early 2012?


Suppliers Apple could start preparing the materials for the new Apple TV in the first quarter of next year. As reported by Digitimes, the long awaited launch of Apple product may occur during the second or third quarter of 2012.

In Korea, the press announced that Samsung Electronics has started production of chips for iTV in November last year, while production of the screens of televisions will be entrusted to Sharp .
Television is produced by Apple will integrate a flat panel of some if not all the functions now carried out the Apple TV , but according to inside sources, the California-based company will continue to manufacture Apple TV, further updated in 2012.
While the birth of this new product now seems certain, thanks to the confirmations found in the biography of Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson, some items they would like to implement similar functionality to the Syrians in the 2013 Apple TV.

Nano Recall: Apple sends new iPod model as a replacement


Apple shipped in this country now seems the current generation iPod nanos in exchange for as part of a recall campaign sent the old models of the first generation.
Several readers have reported that they either ship notices, or even have already received the replacement equipment. Instead of the old model, there are now probably a touch nano with 8GB memory.

The Jailbreak iOS 5.0 and iOS 5.0.1 Untethered is out!


Pod2g, has just released the jailbreak of iOS 5.0.1 and iOS 5.0 Untethered. Jailbreak does not need this computer to turn on the iDevice. This jailbreak is not compatible with the iPhone and the iPad 4S 2. The Jailbreak this with the latest version of RedSn0w "0.9.10 Beta 1".

Firmware compatible:

  • IOS 5.0
  • iOS 5.0.1

Compatible devices:

  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 4
  • iPad 1
  • iPod touch 3G
  • iPod touch 4G

0.9.10b1 redsn0w for Mac OS X

0.9.10b1 redsn0w for Windows (run in administrator mode)

Notes a tap with the new 3.0 Memos


Apimac has released a new version of its app for iPhone and iPod Touch Memo then comes to the 3.0 release. On this occasion, the development team has completely rewritten the app using the most modern systems available in the iPhone OS, making it an agile, well integrated and stable in all situations.

Memo is the ideal application to write notes and then print them, publish them on Twitter or send email to your colleagues or friends, and archive functionality, you can store notes that are no longer needed. According to the developer enters the user Memo "in a world where ideas take shape and follow the tips of your fingers to organizations similar to your mind." The app is ideal for creating notes while on the go with your iPhone and write down everything you see and then move the icons to play their own ideas as you see fit.

At the completion of the graphics have attended several professional photography and graphics to create a gallery of images to use as a background to allow users to be comfortable in their own ideas. In addition, an optional feature allows a lot of fun to change the background shake the iPhone application, ideal for friends and amaze your friends.

  • Completely rewritten app.
  • New design.
  • Backup and Restore via Dropbox.
  • Export notes as text, CSV, and owner by Dropbox.
  • Importing notes in a proprietary format via Dropbox.
  • Assign a color to each note.
  • Sending notes as text messages.
  • Send notes to Twitter iOS 5 or later.
  • Printing notes with iPhone OS 4.2 or later.
  • New wallpapers.
  • Full compatibility with Retinal Display.
  • Improvements in performance and stability.
  • Solution of the bugs reported.
  • Organize your ideas moving and visually grouping the notes
  • Write a note and then send it easily via email or text message
  • Choose your preferred default font
  • Assign a color to each note
  • Backup and Restore via Dropbox
  • Export notes as text, CSV, and owner by Dropbox
  • Move the archive the notes that you no longer need but that you want to keep
  • Change wallpaper with a shake
  • Send notes to Twitter iOS 5 or later
  • Printing notes with iPhone OS 4.2 or later

ITunes 12 days gifts: two television episodes "The Smurfs"


The second part of this year's iTunes-action "12 Days presents" there is today under the slogan "the gift of Sony," two episodes of the TV series "The Smurfs" for free download. We would have hoped for a little more because of Sony, but you know: a gift horse (and so on) ...
Alternatively or additionally you can watch for free today at an Amazon e-book thriller for the Kindle or the Kindle iOS app and a free MP3 download to get. Have fun!

Ready for filming: Free App "Action Movie FX" offers two nice special effects for your iPhone videos


Ever since the released in December 2010 inception app and the Super8 application to Steven Spielberg's eponymous movie is clear: iPhone apps and movies can be a good complement.
With the App Store Download " Action Movie FX "( AppStore link ) allows scenes with a touch of Hollywood's create even directly on the iPhone. The free download comes with 15MB of two "quasi green screen" effects that can be put on the selbsgeschossene video material and expand your short films to a missile strike or a beating over the car

Two additional action attacking packets with tornadoes, crashing helicopters and gun battles can be clicked for each € 0.79. The clips can be finished on the iPhone store, insert the free action scene in the recorded video.

Download Now

Apple's iPhone fell out of the top three domestic smart


From 13.3% in the second quarter of this year fell to 10.4 percent in the third quarter, Apple 's smart phone market in China, the first decline, and was more than China's domestic brands Huawei, China's mainland market's fourth-largest smart phone brand. And Apple's market share in some European countries also saw a decline phenomenon

  It is the Apple market share in mainland China the first decline, but also the first time China's domestic brands beyond. Although the data are not officially recognized Apple, but Apple is not a Chinese mobile phone market share dropped a unique market, released yesterday, the market research company KantarWorldpanelComTech research data shows that in the end of November of 12 weeks, although Apple's U.S. market share from 25% growth last year to 36% market share in the UK last year from 21% to 31%. However, Apple's market share in France, 29% from the prior year fell to 20% market share in Germany of 27% from the prior year fell to 22%. In Italy and Spain, Apple's market share is also down there.
  For Europe's decline, the research company that in the context of the European debt crisis, some European countries, consumers are increasingly sensitive to the price of apples. The industry veteran Yang group that Apple's market share decline does not mean that their products popular in China, but its high price, but also give Chinese consumers switch to Apple and other brands of important reasons. It is understood that Chinese consumers with less than 2,000 yuan a purchase price of other brands of smart phones, Apple iPhone 4 price is equivalent to more than double this price.
  Meanwhile, Apple is only a phone competition in the market, but also allow more consumers to give up the Apple phone. Apple in the Chinese mainland market with a single model of competition, a single price, single strategy for different operators, including Motorola, Samsung, and local Chinese associations, Cool, Huawei and other brands Andrews camp is attacking on all sides.
  Since the first quarter of 2010, Apple's market share in China has reached more than 2 times before, but Samsung's market share over the same period is four times higher than before. Young people in the industry group that, while in the high-end models, the Andrews camp can not be positive with the Apple iphone competition, but Motorola, Lenovo, Cool and other system vendors Andrews took evasive marketing strategy, through a variety of models , a variety of prices and number of operators, etc., to provide consumers with more choices to squeeze in the market share of Apple.

Take or Convert 3D videos iOS Application


Whether you need to wear special glasses to enjoy using the naked eye or direct, 3D images have been more and more in our daily lives. You in the cinema of the "Avatar" and "Transformers 3" absolutely not praise these 3D movies when there is no thought one day I could make a 3D video?   This is not a joke. According to foreign media reports, the former software developer NXP Software has recently released a can record / convert 3D video of iOS applications - VideoCam3D. iOS users can use VideoCam3D for blue / red 3D video recording, and support CineXPlayer (also from NXP Software Development) 3D video player to watch.   Of course, the 3D video recording the first condition is iOS devices have their own camera. However, even in the absence of the camera - such as a generation of iPad, and 3rd generation iPod touch him, VideoCam3D is not completely useless, because this application can perform 3D video conversion.   VideoCam 3D has been added to App Store, $ 0.99, matching the application CineXPlayer sells for $ 1.99. Finally, we appreciate so with a simple 3D video produced by the VideoCam3D

iPhone5 or second half of next year and A6 chip with iOS6


According to foreign media reports, iPhone is Apple's most profitable products, analysts expect Apple will release the second half of 2012 to support 4GLTE technology iPhone5 . Barclays Capital analyst Ben Leite Zi (BenReitzes) said: "We still believe that Apple will release in the second half of 2012 iPhone5, is probably the third quarter.

The next generation iPhone will use the new design, support 4GLTE technology, with a faster processor, larger screen, better camera, Siri, and may include near-field communications, including other features. Simply put, the next generation iPhone may be a major upgrade. "
Leite Zi believes that Apple will release in March 2012 a new iPad , and then in the third quarter a 4GLTE version of the iPhone (probably iPhone5).
Investment bank Jefferies analyst Bi Demi Seck (PeterMisek) also believes that Apple will release in 2012 to support LTE technology iPhone5. He believes that Apple has replaced the display supplier, and now Sharp has become a large-size display suppliers.
Mise Ke believe that Sharp has Gen6Kameyama plant specifically allocated to Apple products, and to produce iPad3 iPhone5 display, Apple has purchased $ 500 million to $ 1 billion in production equipment.
Mise Ke believe that Apple and Sharp have also improved IGZO technology to optimize product design, make the product thinner, longer battery life, so that the entire user experience has been significantly improved.
Investment bank PiperJaffray analyst Gene Munster (GeneMunster) also believes that Apple will launch in mid-summer 2012, the next generation iPhone, he expects iPhone5 will adopt a new design and support 4GLTE technology.
In addition, the investment bank's analyst WedbushSecurities Secretary of Tessa Sutherland (ScottSutherland) also believe that 4GiPhone5 and iPad3 will be released next year. BMOCapitalMarkets analyst KeithBachman that Apple will release in June 2012 a new iPhone5.
  A6 processor
In early August, when the chief investment analyst at research firm LinleyGroup Ge lined paper that (LinleyGwennap) said, A6 processor may be iPad2 A5 used in dual-core processor after the next generation products. A6 processor may be produced by Taiwan's TSMC. He expects Apple A6 processor can provide higher performance while extending battery life.
According to PCWorld reports, A6 processor performance should be comparable to Texas Instruments, Nvidia and Qualcomm's quad-core mobile processor. Nvidia's Tegra processor quad-core before the end of the year will appear in the latest mobile products.
A6 processor may be based on ARM's Cortex-A9 processor basis, A5 processor, also used this design. ARM has announced it will release Cortex-A15 processor, but the first product based on the earliest of the design have to wait until after next year or early to market.
Insiders believe that TSMC has quietly won the Apple contract orders, even orders extended to the production of A6 processor.
  iOS6 operating system
Apple's June 6 speech in the Assembly WWDC2011 announced iOS5 system, Apple released October 4 iPhone4 S on the use of the iOS5 system. Industry speculation that Apple may be in the 2012 WWDC conference announced iOS6 system and iPad3.
It is reported that in November, Apple filed a patent application, explaining the iOS system called "PersistentOverlay" a new control interface, you can use this new interface, a new approach to managing data, such as web pages, music and pictures. Insiders believe that Apple will deploy this feature iOS6 systems.

I0nic is working to jailbreak untethered inexplicably iOS 4.3.5


From the days leading name in the jailbreak community is pod2g . The French hacker, as said many times , is now on the verge of release, with the help of Dev-Team , the tool complete IOS Release 5 and 5.0.1. Like a bolt from the blue, also appears on stage I0nic, famous for the untethered jailbreak of IOS 4.3.1 and 4.3.3, using tweets that revealed they had no choice and work sull'untethered of IOS 4.3.5.

Its appearance seems a bit 'like those who want to necessarily play a part in a show already full. One of those comedies where the protagonist is enough to fill the stage and the secondary characters remain in place.
While many hackers, pod2g first, you are killing to make available the untethered jailbreak for iPhone OS 5 and later, I0nic decided to unlock your 4.3.5, although it clearly also read his tweet that this release does not serve to virtually anyone.
Who has not updated to 5 to keep the jailbreak untethered, will probably be left to those who had 4.3.3 and 4.3.5 will be the right step to iOS 5. So it's really kind of commitment would seem futile, even if you do not miss those who think differently. In any case we wish him good luck!

Rumor: iPhone 3 is on February 27th?


The rumors about the arrival of the iPhone 3 flare slowly again. Some times you could read on our website that referred to a lot of rumors of the iPhone launch in early March 2012. According to Taiwanese website Focus Taiwan Apple will more precisely on February 27th the iPhone launch in March. This is not just a date, but is actually the day that Steve Jobs was born.
Apple would do so according to Focus Taiwan to honor Steve Jobs. Focus Taiwan claims that they have read in a local newspaper in China, which in turn claims to have learned through anonymous sources. It remains still difficult to say whether Apple iPad 3, but there are already many rumors that the Apple iPad 3 A6 processor will contain a retinal screen.

A newspaper reported Friday iPad3 That Might Be Launched on February 24 to mark the anniversary of the birth of Apple's late co-founder Steve Jobs.
Citing sources close to Taiwanese makers in the supply chain iPad3, the Economic Daily News said the gadget Could be Launched in mid-first quarter of next year or by the end of next March.
Also the paper said local component makers need to keep iPad3

iFaith updated to version 1.4.1


iH8sn0w, creator of several tool Jailbreak and another has updated iFaith in version 1.4.1. iFaith I recall it saves the file "SHSH" firmware of your device which is not signed (handy when you forget to do it with TinyUmbrella). Some updates are waiting for you.

Update iFaith version 1.4.1:

Added support for Apple TV 4.4.4 (9A406a)
The SHSH saved with TinyUmbrella iOS 4.4.x/5.xx are now accepted
Fixed a bug with detecting DFU mode
Fixed a bug with the iPhone 4 8GB
Fixed a bug that produced the error 21 when restoring an iPhone 3G
Troubleshooting the detection of firmware
Removing the kill-switch that was introduced in 1.4 iFaith
Download iFaith 1.4.1:

Download Windows Version

Buffer iPhone app can publish twitter messages spread


Buffer is a service that can plan your Twitter messages. In 2011, the breakthrough of the service and received much attention in social media circles. But a matching iPhone app was not. Just before Christmas we managed: an iPhone app that lets all your fun and original ideas to share. Buffer is designed to cool things you come across to share with your Twitter followers.

You see something interesting, then add it to your "buffer", after which the app allows the tweets are distributed nicely throughout the day. You can choose the interval. The app is therefore very suitable for people who like to hang around on the Internet to discover new things.
Are you an inspiration for your followers, you can now make them all day have something interesting to read. This differs from existing buffer Twitter apps that your messages at a later date can plan, such as Tweetdeck and Hootsuite. You have to because their preferred publication time entry. Buffer does this for you. Besides the already existing Android app is also a bookmarklet for Safari browser on iPhone. You buffers the great discoveries that you encounter. Standards are the messages around 9:00 AM, 12:00, 17:00 and 20:00 o'clock, but you can also manually.
Before you can start you on Bufferapp.com an account. Buffer in the free version has some limitations, namely 10 posts, a Twitter and a Facebook account. With a Pro subscription of $ 10 per month you get 50 posts Buffer, 5 social accounts and two team members. For companies, there is also an unlimited account for $ 99 per month, with five team members you an unlimited number of messages on an unlimited number of social accounts can post. If you refer people to the service, as I did above, you get extra points.

Download Buffer iPhone Free

Solution to problem-iMessage found stolen iPhones


iMessage was recently in the news because of reports of stolen iPhones iMessage keep coming. Even if your iPhone remotely erased if you've given your assignment operator SIM blocking iMessage remains active. Finally, there is now a permanent solution.

IMessage The problem is annoying for the original owner, for example a thief in your name all sorts of nonsense messages. The problem is even if you've used your iPhone sold and / or already have purchased another phone. iMessage continues to forward messages to your old phone, which you often do not possess. In the past few days many half-baked solutions were developed such as setting up a SIM PIN, but only one appears to be the final solution . And that is completely reset your device to deactivate the old SIM card from your provider and a new SIM card into your new phone to activate. Only then iMessage understand the messages to a new device to be sent.
iMessage the messaging application on the iPhone, which is closely integrated with SMS messages. If both sender and receiver have iMessage, the message will be sent free via the data network and not SMS. The error in the system iMessage Apple can be solved as described above. Only then can iMessage the new device with the correct Apple ID and the correct SIM card. There is still a problem if the iPhone sells switches to a device from another brand: you can iMessage then not activate a new device and is thus a risk that iMessage messages are coming in on your old set. It can also prevent friends think they have sent a iMessage message that never arrives. We hope that the problem in an Apple firmware update will solve either iMessage centrally tweak so that it no longer exists.

iPhone loses market share in Europe


The economic situation in Europe ensures that the iPhone's market share has declined. According to figures from the British Kantar Group. Apple's market share is growing in Britain, the USA and Australia but in Europe it is much more difficult. Android phones grow in popularity in Europe, because for very little money can buy. In France, Apple's market share declined from 29 to 20 percent. According to the report, there are increasingly signalenn of price sensitivity: people choose the phone that they expect to get the best deal, not the phone that they prefer to have. In Germany the market share declined from 27 to 22 percent. Even in countries with a currently weak economy such as Italy and Spain dropped Apple's market share.

It has to do with low consumer confidence in Europe, which also plays in business. There is a new recession, when Europe has just been scribbled in the worst financial crisis since the 30s of last century. Governments need to cut back and companies are making redundancies. Europeans appear to hand on the purse to keep said Reuters . This affects the sale of iPhones. Why the British firm still continue to buy iPhones and almost literally fly out the stores, not by the researchers explained. In the United Kingdom increased its market share from 21 to 31 percent in the period Q3 2010 - Q3 2011. In the U.S. it is something more: that the market share of 25 to 36 procent.Over market share in the Netherlands and Belgium was not said.
In Germany, Android the highest market share in Europe: 61 percent. Germany is much less compared with the Netherlands a 'iPhone-land "than the Netherlands, we know from conversations with fellow iphone blogs in Germany. Germany is a land of Nokia users, where many people are switching to cheap smartphones from Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson.

Air Dictate uses iPhone 4S and Siri to wirelessly dictate


Air Dictate is a new app developer Avatron, which you can dictate text into a Mac desktop application like Pages or Word. Before you use the iPhone 4S and the voice recognition of Siri. The iPhone is a voice recognition microphone, so you (English) lyrics dictate. It works with desktop software such as TextEdit, Mail, and many other applications where you can type in text. On the iPhone you only 4S Air Dictate app to start and select the desired desktopapp. Apple's Bonjour technology makes a list of nearby computers on the screen, so the text is not on the Mac screen displays the neighbor (or may, if you want a joke tricks).

Air Dictate will cost 79 cents and has a condition that iPhone and Mac on the same wireless network must be registered. Also, the desired program on the Mac desktop are already open, ready to enter text. Press the button and speak some text in, it will by Siri's dicteermachine be converted to typed text and appear in the app.
The approach of Air Dictate is different from Vocal , a Siri-like app that a few days ago, and which you can control your Mac with Siri. A YouTube video shows that when Vocal is open apps, perform searches and copying and pasting text.
Air Dictate is intended to dictate. Now of course there are already other solutions, such as Dragon for the Mac . It allows you a iPhone app for dictation , but you must first purchase the package: Dragon Dictate costs $ 200 with a USB microphone and 300 euros with a Bluetooth headset. Air Dictate is its price tag of € 0.79 a lot cheaper. Like Dragon Dictate lets you dictate Air Dictate only in English, as Siri no Dutch can understand.

Download now

Gloomy Side Scroller "limbo" in the Mac App Store


Originally only available for the Xbox sidescrolling adventure game Limbo is now at a price of 7.99 € in the Mac App Store available. In the highly acclaimed, animated graphics with dark horror-adventure, a young boy embarks on a search for his missing sister

The App Store "frozen" until December 29, 2011


As every year for two years now, the App Store will be "frozen" during a short week, time to let the teams go and blow the Christmas family.

The gel from the App Store is primarily an opportunity for all teams who work to blow over during the holiday season.

After the great year that has passed Apple (for accounting, of course), Tim Cook had promised a week of well deserved vacation during the Christmas and here we are.

Thus, from December 22 to 29, there will be no disruption at the App Store, this includes:

- No further release of new applications .

- More updates.

- More than the price change applications.

However, it is always possible to:

- Normally purchase applications.

- Obtain in-app purchasing applications.

Indeed, having to lower prices or free on the App Store, it makes no sense since its objective is to share with you all these good plans. Back to the topic at Friday, December 30, to be there!

It is also an opportunity for our teams a break and slow down the activity after a busy year. Of course, feel free to pass every day, because the site will continue to bring you news and it will be the opportunity to review the applications that we would have missed.

Again thank you for your loyalty to you on the subject of free promotion and who sees over 3,000 visitors every time. We are waiting even more effective December 30.

Video: the home button so you can better react


Do you ever have a home button that does not always react well? There is a very simple solution, the men of the website iDownloadBlog explain to you a video of just one minute. You can view the video above.
How to do this is very simple, you start an app as 'Weather' and then use the lock button pressed until you can put the iDevice manually. After you hold the home button pressed until you no longer see the option to turn off your iDevice, as well is your home button now recalibrated.

RAGE HD: Beautiful iOS game for only € 0.79


RAGE HD is a game from id Software that might once have heard of. RAGE is quite famous for its beautiful graphics on the iPhone and iPad, but is also available for the game consoles. This game was not that long ago appeared on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. PSX-Sense allows you to include a review of reading RAGE on the PlayStation 3.
RAGE on the other platforms, a game where you can walk around an open world, but the IOS is an on-rails shooter RAGE. This means that you can not move, but only after all 'targets' have switched off. This game normally costs € 2.39 but is now temporarily available for a very small price of € 0.79.

Download Now

Chronic-Dev Team jailbreak untethered to help pod2g


iOS hacker pod2g has vulnerabilities and exploits to the Chronic-Dev Team given as soon as a jailbreak available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs, iPod touch 3rd generation, iPod touch, 4th generation, first generation iPhone and Apple TV. He did this so he can fully focus on the iPhone and iPad 2 and 4S will even stabbing his energy into making an untethered jailbreak for these devices.
The Chronic-Dev Team has now been tasked to jailbreak to create, test and make available. Pod2g the choice made is quite logical. Pod2g left just over one year ago the team, but remained in contact with the team. Himself was the Chronic Dev-Team is also working on developing a jailbreak by using the submitted crash reports.

"GTA III" for the iPad and iPhone now for only € 2.39


A week ago, the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto III in the App Store. Although this game for over ten years old, you need a game like GTA III, just download to your iPhone or iPad. Grand Theft Auto III, the good old GTA to the IOS. The graphics are great and gameplay is simply a vital game for your iDevice.
If you have to do anything just because GTA III is an appropriate game for a moment to catch. In the game you can drive around freely in the city of Liberty City, based in New York City. GTA III is normally available at a price of € 3.99 but is now reduced to € 2.39.

Download Game now

iOS shooter SHADOWGUN "has gained new free content


We could make you happy with the message that SHADOWGUN for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch was available at a discount. If you have downloaded this game was, then we have good news for you. Developer because Madfinger Games has released a free update for Shadowgun.
This update brings improvements and innovations Valley. The coolest of the update is that a lot of new levels have been added, but new collectibles, weapons and soundtrack. Download this game soon now he is temporarily available for only € 2.39 in the App Store.

Download Now

RedSn0w updated to version 0.9.9 beta 9!


Today, the development team tool RedSn0w (the dev-team) have updated their tool version "0.9.9b9d." This new version of RedSn0w allows only two things, the first support and second the UltraSn0w Untethered Jailbreak the iPhone 3Gs in the iOS 5.0.1.

The iPhone 3Gs in Untethered Jailbreak it may (without turn on the iDevice with the computer), as the dev-team is to find a hardware fault so no update will address this flaw. The Jailbreak is soon to other devices because of its Pod2G is launched!

RedSnow download link:

Redsn0w 0.9.9d (Mac) 

Redsn0w 0.9.9d (Windows

The unlocked the iOS 5.0.1 is available with UltraSn0w 1.2.5


The Dev-Team is now the successful unlock iOS 5.0.1 is they update their tool UltraSn0w version 1.2.5 available on Cydia. This new version just nothing but support for the iOS 5.0.1 but no update on the side of compatibility with the new baseband.

You can now download Ultrasnow 1.2.5 on your iPhone 4 or 3G, 3G. To have Ultrasnow 1.2.5, simply add this source on cydia if it is not already done so. Here is the source " http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com. "

The official game of Formula 1 is updated and becomes Universal


F1 2011 Game is the only official game of the World Championship Formula 1 FIA . Entering the passenger compartment, living pilot, compete against the best. Today, this title is updated and adds support for iPad allowing to measure even on the big screen of the tablet.
Compete against the best riders in the world in new ways GRAND PRIZE, consisting of testing, qualifying and the race itself.
In this first update we find a new mini-game Pit Stop, and also fully compatible with iPad as the app becomes universal .
With all the drivers, teams and official cars, F1 2011 includes all 19 circuits of the Formula 1 World Championship FIA, including the new Buddh International Circuit, which hosted the Formula 1 Grand Prix primp India Airtel and the return of the legendary Nürburgring.

F1 2011 gives you exciting and intense racing, where cars are fitted with the KERS system and against AI opponents very well prepared, but it also offers driving aids for those who have yet to learn the circuits. Compete with your friends on Game Center or Open Feint public on Facebook and your best lap times and positions.

F1 2011 Game is available in the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later.

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Available on Mac App Store a new version of Real Racing 2 optimized for Mac OS X


After the huge success of IOS, Electronic Arts releases a version of Real Racing 2 for Mac OS X which has as main characteristic the possibility of using a device including iPhone, iPod touch or iPad as a steering wheel.

The game retains excellent graphics such as "mobile" version, and integrates an innovative control system with which you can customize the options to adapt to your driving style.

We carry the official changelog main features:

Test your driving skills in a grid of 16 cars against highly skilled AI drivers.
Choose from 30 officially licensed cars including the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 of 2010, the Nissan GT-R (R35) of 2010, the McLaren MP4-12C in 2012 and many more!
Transformed from beginner to professional in a solid career mode with over 10 hours of fun on the track. Face the Quick Race for instant fun or run against the clock in Time Trial mode.
Compete in 15 stunning locations, with 65 kilometers of trails, highways and street circuits are rich in detail and at dusk and night races.
Touch or tilt to steer with your iPhone or iPad, or use the Mac's The innovative control system allows you to customize the options to adapt to your driving style.
Experience the intensity of the head to head with 5 different shots and stunning visuals thanks to the exclusive high-performance graphics engine Mint3D ™ by Firemint.
Real Racing 2 is available on Mac App Store at a price of € 10.49. Localized in English requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

Pod2g asks for help to the Chronic Dev Team to Jailbreak the A5 and chips for the release of the tool release [UPDATED]


New news from pod2g , the young hacker who is working to Untethered Jailbreak of our dispoitivi. It seems that you have completed the process of unlocking all previous generations of devices that do not mount the chip Apple A5 and the tools to be released thanks to the Chronic Dev Team .

Pod2g wrote directly on his blog that has to focus only on the new chip A5 and believes that the Chronic Dev Team can give him a big hand to solve the problems is finding.
In the meantime, however, is aware of the desires of all those owners of devices that are not iPhone or iPad 4S 2, who do not care to wait for the exploits of the chip A5 or even the release of iPhone OS 5.1. It then states that he had sent all the material on the A4 chip and earlier, right in the Chronic Dev Team so that it can implement in the tool and release it quickly.
Update: As many have noted the words of pod2g promises a second scenario that at first I did not read properly interpreted. The hacker does not want to disappoint all those who are waiting for the Untethered Jailbreak for devices without chips A5 yet do not want to lose the exploit found for iOS 5/5.0.1 after months of work. This would happen if we anticipate releasing a first time release version of the tool and then plug the hole with Apple's iPhone OS 5.1, before the release of Jailbreak for iPhone and iPad 4S 2. The boy then you will help to speed the Chronic Dev Team, and publish as soon as possible to universal tool for devices with chip A5

Chix vs. Aliens: beautiful girls defy the aliens in this fun Arcade Game [Video]


Chix vs. Aliens is a new game available in App Store in which you must try to save the beautiful girls from alien invasion. Arcade title that promises to entertain players for hours.
Nenna, Kinsey, Clara, Emma and Mary CHIX are a team of beautiful girls from super powers that are having fun on the beach just as a bunch of trigger-happy aliens decide to invade the land.
Check the Power Disc, a type of rotating disc able to free the girls and defeat the alien invasion.
Chix vs. Aliens is a very addictive game with arcade elements that are based on the most popular video games of past success with images and sounds in the manga and anime style.
Challenge yourself and your friends, try to complete all levels with the highest score;
Trap the aliens to release their biggest special powers;
Become an expert player and saves all the girls.
Unlock all the beautiful manga pictures of girls in the Gallery.
Animations at 60 FPS
Sound and original soundtracks, and anime-style arcade game room.
Play for hours and hours of fun!
Over time you'll find a lot of advanced techniques for using the powers of the aliens at the right time to complete even the most difficult levels.
Here is a video showing the game in action:

New levels and many other content will come in future updates.
Chix vs. Aliens is available in the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 4.3 or later.

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Thieves love Apple Mobile Metro Police warned the public


Subway Apple phone line pull high crime of pickpocketing. Yesterday, the bus high incidence Corps released by the end of the subway in the case of the Apple mobile phone theft in first place, followed by bus priority time to "grab the door" disputes like pickpocketing and police intelligence. Police said the bus, subway line in the high crime of pickpocketing Apple phone is characterized mainly by gang crime, choose the target mainly young women, the main modus operandi is to pull off the headset after Apple mobile phone theft to go.

 As in the subway with the Apple phone's songs are mainly women, when the phone is stolen, the phone did not immediately react, is stolen, but rather that the phone is a problem, pickpockets take the opportunity to fast transfer of stolen property and escaped.
  Police reports, specifically the Apple phone in the subway pickpocket pickpocketing crime areas mainly in the subway station, the uplink channel and docked at the elevator, where once succeeded after pickpocketing easy escape.

WCDMA version of the iPhone 4S 3C certificate by: sales


Yesterday, reporters from the China Quality Certification Center Web site noted, WCDMA standard iPhone 4S has been Compulsory Certification (CCC certification). Last week, iPhone 4 S also received the Ministry of telecommunications equipment network access license, which means that WCDMA version of the iPhone 4S sales procedures in place in China. Unicom's sales manager has said, iPhone 4S will certainly be in the market before the Spring Festival next year.

At present, both China Unicom or Apple officially announced iPhone 4S none on the mainland price. However, China Unicom has committed itself, iPhone 4S listing, calls will be offering attractive subsidies. It is reported that some cities have accepted the booking联通营业厅iPhone 4S, and a black and white.
  iPhone 4S 16G version of the Hong Kong price of about 4150 yuan, 32G version of the 4800 yuan, 64G version of the 5454 yuan. At present, the Zhongguancun parallel quotations confusion, from 5200 yuan -6700 yuan has. According to sources within the line, the general price of 5,700 yuan or more is possible is a parallel, lower than the price many of which are unsolicited refurbished machines.
  Prior to China Unicom iPhone contract plans and the use of bare metal are two ways to sell, contract plan will give a substantial fee subsidy. In the first quarter, China Unicom for iPhone subsidies as high as $ 1.3 billion. If the successful introduction of a new generation of China Unicom iPhone, the subsidies will reference the existing level of subsidy.

Secret iOS 5 application icon will appear "clean" state


iOS 5 after the official release, many iPhone and iPad users began to notice a strange behavior, and some application icon to start a "clean-up in (Cleaning)" status. FB Facebook network iOS applications often in this state, Instapaper, Twitter have had this strange state.

 In fact, the emergence of this state and iOS 5 applications automatically delete the cache and temporary files. iOS 5 began to support iCloud backup and WiFi sync, if the application's data is very large, backup and synchronization will take too much time together. Therefore, we do not need to worry about, this is just a self-adjusting iO5 5 one way, we also read that section of the application appeared in this state?

iPhone Game : Where's My Water? Free


iPhone App Description

Living in the city following the same crocodile Swampy wanted a Master's life. He especially likes clean. For Swampy's quirks, not friendly to other crocodiles, they conspire damage Swampy's water supply. Swampy to help lead to his bath water.
Where's My Water? Is a physics based puzzle game, challenging, it has a retina display images, multi-touch and excellent sound quality. To be successful, you need to use their brains, careful algae, toxic ooze, a variety of organs and traps.
Meet SWAMPY it! Your side of the play, Swampy the story unfolding before your eyes. He was very cute, very funny, he just wanted his beloved rubber duck with a bath with it. You will also know the old crocodile and Cranky Cranky girlfriend Allie (the current ...). Richly detailed graphics and animations, so Swampy and his underground world to life.
PS: in fact, named Holiday Gift good, non-Free do the whole lot of what people do not under. .
Life-like water, amazing! Water flows down it! Design JellyCar bounce and now the world's designers to design the perfect flow. Fetching water, splashing water, splashing water, more and more difficult to guide the water through the scene. Swampy favorite collection of toiletries and unlock bonus levels. Collect all the rubber duck, and then four little bit to find more surprises!
Naughty crocodile love taking a bath, the game is very useful for every drop of water, refreshing puzzle game, pure and fun!
The fun is just beginning, upgrade to the full-featured version, you can get seven theme chapters, a total of 140 challenging levels! Free future upgrades will include more new chapters! Continue to play Do not stop, you are responsible for allowing water to flow up again!

iPhone App Screen Shot

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2iPhone Screenshot 3iPhone Screenshot 4iPhone Screenshot 5

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ipad Game : fun big bang: Big Bang! HD


iPhone App Description

U.S. students must play like the "Big Bang" is no stranger to it - today's game ideas came from this - you are the universe 13.7 billion years ago from the big bang, in the game a long history of exploring the story , contains the origin of the universe, life, birth, rise and fall of civilization, of which there are many interesting stories. In short, it quickly began to Big Bang!
Composed of many small puzzle game, you must use your quick response and wisdom, in a very limited time to solve these problems quickly! For example, you need to quickly tap the screen to stimulate the Big Bang to create the universe, or the planets lined up in order to create a solar system. How smooth finish such a long journey, it all depends on your ability slightly ~
Personally think that the game is suitable for normal to pass the pass the time, but also for the children, so children can learn in the game a lot of knowledge, perhaps, Sheldon was born to do so:)

iPhone App Screen Shot

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iPad Game : Meng things come and go shoot flat Gugl Battle Version: Smack Match Gugl


iPhone App Description

Has been introduced for the iPhone version of the Smack That Gugl , today iPad version is also free, and the use of iPad's big-screen edge, the game version to upgrade to play against, which can be the same on the iPad and friends split screen game.
This works from the Talking Carl (link) the developer, the protagonist is Carl's brother Gugl, Meng is a consistent feature of his family, whether amused children, or to coax his girlfriend, were very good oh!
Gugl they again pull! They fill you in making the iPad flat before them! Gugl began as a green, then turns red and then explode, to catch this before they shoot flat Oh! Agile, and friends with the dual-screen gaming machine, not only can enhance the feelings of the base can be also improved the situation, but be careful of Gugl cheeky carnage can not touch Oh!

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virtual machine for lighter: iLightr - Virtual Lighter


iPhone App Description

This is finally free of the goods! ! ! Frozen chicken ah! ! ! A very good lighter application, Hyun machine-specific. Many times want to start a direct result, think it was practical, will probably limit-free, it has been lying in the wish list, and today finally come.

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A4 devices have been transferred or escaped soon be released


Jailbreak developers Pod2g announced that he has the perfect iOS devices A4 chip escape was transferred to the Chronic Dev Team, he will focus on the A5 chip devices jailbreak that iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 the perfect escape .   His blog, said: "I saw you in the blog message, know that many people are waiting for the A5's escape and I know that most or A4 user, even older devices, they are waiting the perfect escape . A5 equipment until they have no interest in escape complete, let alone wait for 5.1 release (until Apple released the 5.1 release after the jailbreak did not want to waste I spent a few months to find and develop the vulnerability).   I need to focus on A5 escape and hoping to find a shortcut, I feel Chronic escape team to help me, so I decided to:   1 give up all escape the details, to the Chronic team, so that they complete as quickly as possible, testing, integration and distribution equipment, A4 Prison Break  2 from now on, I will focus on the A5 all devices jailbreak  Pod2g's decision means that, iPhone 4/3GS, iPod touch (third and fourth generation) and the first generation iPad users will soon have to keep finally see the bright, ushered in iOS 5 the perfect escape . we are waiting Chronic's good news

2011 Top 10 Best Apple Accessories


Unconsciously, we are close to the end of 2011. In this past year, we have seen many crazy, fun, strange, beautiful Apple accessories, these accessories have joy we had, or lovely too. We have also seen a variety of design mediocre, lackluster appearance but powerful accessories. So, in the countless products which, do you think a 2011 can be called the king of Apple accessories do?   Here we follow the famous footsteps of Apple Technology websites CultofMac to see them out of its 2011 Readers' Choice Top 10 Apple accessories (in order). Smart Cover

I believe this product came in this position will not lead to much controversy, in the eyes of many iPad 2 users, it is beyond the general definition of protective cover. In addition to providing positive protection iPad 2, the perfect multi-faceted folding bracket function, and bright spots of the magnet wake / sleep, Smart Cover iPad 2 has been selected when the user first purchase accessories. Parrot AR.Drone

Now who do not want to own a miniature unmanned machine? This is a competitive information age. Introduced by the developer Parrot AR Drone unmanned machine available after creating a new era of micro-aerial photography, users can control iOS devices, and can enjoy on these devices AR Drone taken all scenarios. Mophie Juice Pack Air

This product became the most frivolous iPhone 4/4S external battery, but you think it looks like a protective shell? The fact is, it is designed by the well-known parts supplier Mophie battery + protective shell combo products, both for iPhone 4/4S total there are complaints that the battery provides additional power - 36 hours of music playback time, but also the love machine for the user to provide personal protection. Air Zepplin by B & W

You pocket the extra $ 600 also, but do not know what accessories to increase for the iPhone? Zeppelin Air would be a good choice. Its price is really beyond the bottom line of many people to bear, but you have to admit that it is value for money. In addition to the unique shape of the audio design and awesome experience, this speaker system via AirPlay or Mac with iOS devices to connect, so you listen to a variety of musicians. Book Book Case

Believe the Book Book Case sets of fans will not be less protected, whether you are a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or iPad users, this product will let you put it down. Once a user commented: Book Book Case protective sleeve of birth, a good sense of humor in those tremendous and a bridge between people, because this series looks like a protective cover to steal from an old library to antique books. " JamBox

Developers have said, JamBox is smallest on the planet, the best sound quality of wireless speakers. Although this product is very mini, but it can play up to 85 decibel volume, enough to penetrate every corner of the home. At first glance, you are not on the exterior design has been refined to its fascinated? PlugBug

You have to admit, PlugBug is a very unique one charger, you can at the same time as the MacBook + iPad or iPhone to charge. For those who are tired of carrying two power adapters, and for a bunch of batteries around in the slot near the line was crazy users, PlugBug is a very good reference. Olloclip

iPhone 4/4S camera accessories we've seen a lot, but Olloclip is undoubtedly the leader among these products. This camera accessories can make your iPhone 4/4S has suddenly turned into a fish eye, wide angle, macro triple camera lens, macro lens is cleverly hidden in the wide-angle lens below, you can switch between demolition. Moreover, Olloclip also already a very good iPhone 4/4S made ​​technology to enhance image quality, pictures are only for others amazed. Keyboard Case by ZAGG

To tell the truth, not all users like the iPad will be converted into their love machine like laptops, but if you want to experience a different kind of iPad, you want to see on the screen in the iPad physical keyboard, play their own use fonts, so you want to use the MacBook's iPad feeling, then parts from ZAGG's protective shell of this keyboard is worth considering your target. Glif iPhone Stand

This specially designed accessories for the iPhone 4/4S has two functions: allows iPhone to complete on a tripod shooting, it can support a different perspective from the iPhone, as your love machine provides multi-faceted - such as typing, games, video browsing and other operations, is not it cool?   Front of you dear friends, in your mind, 2011 is the best Apple accessories which one do?

Report: iPhone players play the game the players play the Android application


According to foreign media reports, a U.S. research company for the iPhone and Android applications downloaded to the statistics, found that iPhone users prefer to play games, and Android phone users tend to play a variety of applications.   U.S. research firm Xyologic released the report. The company noted that this year, Apple's application store 150 of the top application downloads and more than doubled compared to last year, from 37 million to 97 million times a second. And in the Android platform, the application downloads the top 150 is quadrupled, from 29 million to 125 million times a second. Data, Android has been downloaded more than the iPhone.   Apple's application store in the United States, the first 150 applications, 100 for the game, the rest are non-gaming applications tools. Android Market in the United States, the former number of 150 applications for the 65 games.   In the Apple platform, game downloads 71.5 million times, for the 25.6 million non-game times. And in the Android platform, game downloads for the 33.4 million times, is the 91.5 million non-game times.   Xyologic Matthaus Krzykowski, co-founder, said in iOS platform, game developers more easily build a business model, which stimulated the popularity of mobile gaming. And in the Android platform, the current payment delay prompted to enter the game developers.   The executives said that the Android platform, application and game developers, primarily through advertising revenue, and in the Apple platform, the game is free to try more, developers, primarily through the game's virtual goods revenue.

Siri desire on the five functions


Siri fame, people of mixed reviews on her, some people fell in love with Siri, but some can not stand her. But we all have to admit that, Siri considerable potential. Since Apple released a beta of Siri, many of the features are very limited. Siri people may have the function of daydreams coming again and again, where most people want to cite five of Siri function. Need to indicate that, although the desire, but still consider the feasibility, the desire of the five would not include "Siri, give me a bowl of noodles," the illusion.   1 voice read the message. Siri can now search your inbox and find messages according to the title, such a complicated thing can do, how difficult it will read the message?   2 compatible third-party applications. This is not a possible feature. Prior to Apple's future Siri job advertisements revealed the AIP may be provided to developers, which means developers can integrate their own applications and Siri.   3 switch settings. Now that Apple To all the "quick switch settings" related applications expelled from App Store, Apple may have their own description of a shortcut. We hope Apple can set the switch into Siri, but be quick, said jailbreak developers have developed a set switch is integrated into the Siri approach.   4 integrated microblogging. Siri can send text messages and phone calls for us, but not for us updated his Twitter. Taking into account the modern dependence on micro-Bo, integrated micro-Fair brought many conveniences to the user.   5 Run the application. From the lock screen to the user application needs to run a few clicks, if Siri at least run local applications, the user can save a lot of time

Steve Jobs has vision video games in education and libraries


In the past, Apple's Mac platform, the game showed no friendly, even before the advent of the iPod touch, they iOS platform game is not so pay attention, until the App Store that the game is indeed profitable. Interestingly, Steve Jobs himself on video games are full of imagination. A video in 1990, Jobs passionate to talk about how to use electronic games in the future field of education, even for applications in the United States Library of Congress.   Jobs that computer simulations and interactive media will be applied to future education. Unfortunately, the current video games in education is not enough wide range of applications, or used to make more big boss.   Video also includes the famous Steve Jobs analogy, metaphor of the computer "brain bike." He said: "I think we distinguish one with the higher primates is that we are toolmakers. I read a survey to measure movement of the different species on the planet efficiency large bald eagle flying one kilometer used minimum energy of human movement efficiency is not particularly prominent, ranked in third position. However, "Scientific American" magazine measured the efficiency of human riding a bicycle, they found that the human riding a bicycle one kilometer far from the energy consumption large vulture one kilometer below the energy consumption, can be ranked first in efficiency.   the computer is also true for me and I think we can create computer is the most unusual instrument, the equivalent of our brain's bike .

User applications can be found in iOS 5 "self-purification"


Upgrade to iOS 5 users found a strange, sometimes the application's icon, "self-purification" to show "Cleaning (in liquidation)." This is how it happened? The original, iOS 5 applications can automatically clear the cache and temporary files to minimize the size of backup files for easy backup to iCloud through a wireless network or computer's iTunes.   As iOS 5 support iCloud and Wi-Fi synchronization, the smaller the better to keep the application data, so as to ensure the efficiency of the wireless backup. Cleaning just clean up some junk files, users do not need to worry about losing files stored locally

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