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Messages +, a new application for managing SMS


Messages + is a new interesting application of Cydia views to improve the management of SMS: more precisely, is the evolution of the application tAlert. Tweak allows you to respond faster to text messages, and integrate perfectly with iPhone OS 5, and then it is also compatible with IMessage.

Respond to your messages from any active application without closing it, will eventually be a reality: this is the most exclusive of the application, as there is no need to exit the application to reply to an SMS.
Key features include:
Native integration with the application of IOS Posts, and compatibility with IMessage
Composing an SMS from any screen of IOS
Replying to a message from each screen of IOS
Sending MMS from conversation mode
Reply to text messages without closing open applications before
When you receive a text message, just click on the banner to launch the application's interface, this application is closed by clicking on the cross, and magically return to the page where you were. Noteworthy is also the integration with the Activator, which allows you to write text messages in virtually any screen.
The only bug that presents the application occurs when an attachment is displayed, the cross to hide the banner notification is not present, when composing a message or response, if the screen is locked or if you leave the 'Message + interface, you lose the message that is written.
Here is a small video demonstration:

The application is available at a cost of $ 7.99, but for those who have already bought the tAlert tweaks, the update is free. You can still install the free trial. You can download it at repo ModMyi . Dependencies: Compatible only with iPhone OS 5 and higher, there must be already installed on MobileSubstrate, preferenceloader, and libstatusbar libactivator.

The iTV could offer a dynamic backlighting for superior image quality


Apple has recently filed a patent called "Dynamic Backlight Adaptation for Black Bars with Subtitles" which translated would mean "dynamic backlight adaptation for black bars with subtitles." The only thing that is clear is that it is a system that can be used to provide better image quality in its iTV.
Apple said in the patent that the black bars above and below the video on a widescreen TV, a panel may make it difficult for television to color balance black q hese black portions, without images, complicate the analysis of the brightness of the image during playback , and therefore can create problems in the determination of the brightness of the video signal and adjusting the intensity of the light source. Apple cites the patent that these portions of the image, can also produce visual problems, which can degrade the end user's experience when viewing the screen.
The solution of the company's Cupertino, would be to dynamically change the backlight. In addition, the California-based company said that the system synchronizes the intensity of the adjustment of the light source with the current video image to be displayed in better way. This technology will likely be implemented on the upcoming iTV, whose launch is planned for the end of 2012. Please note that they are still rumors, although quite insistent.

Here is a simple guide on how to access the dictionary of IOS


As you well know, the new mobile operating system iOS 5 Apple includes several major new features. One of the latter as yet gone unnoticed in testing is that the built-in dictionary.

To access this feature you must:
Select the word by a tap on the screen and hold until you see the magnifying glass;
Click Define, or, if there is written "Cut", "Copy", "Paste" and "Submit", to tap the right arrow to display the message " Define "as seen in photos;
Click on "Define" and wait a few seconds for the search word in the integrated dictionary.
If you notice this feature is available for a very low amount of words for which the function is not used for now. If, however, Apple will enrich the whole, a function will not be forgotten. We can not exclude a translator built.

The cargo load ... CES 2012 SSD


It was not Apple invented the memory SSD (Solid-State Disk), but certainly we must thank the Cupertino company, to have introduced this new technology, dedicated to data storage, the latest MacBook Air , with the additional merit of render it economically accessible to all users.
But what is a SSD in a nutshell?
To understand this, we start from what until yesterday was the technology of choice for mass storage: HDD (Hard Disk Drive). The famous Hard Disk is made up of one or more platters / disks in rapid rotation, made of aluminum or glass, coated with magnetic material and two heads for each disk. It is precisely the movement through their heads that allow you to write and read data on disk.
The SSDs, unlike their predecessors, have no moving parts, do not require mechanical or electrical parts and are based on NAND flash memory.
This allows him to have fast access to data much shorter than traditional HDDs, greater stability, are unlikely to yield errors of reading / writing and speaking are physically much more subtle. This technology has been slow to come out because of its very high price.
Apple in 2011 was the first company to launch a complete computer like the MacBook Air, which had built-in SSD memory as standard, at a affordable price of $ 999. Today we all know how many seconds it takes a boot of the Macbook Air, almost instantaneous ignition, to embarrass any Macbook Pro
The competition is gearing up, and of course there are those who expects to be able to run with mass storage ultrabook based SSD as soon as possible in this 2012. The ESC will be an important stepping stone and a stage important to get closer to all potential users of this technology.
Apple, which will not be present at CES, is already at work to bring SSDs on a wide range of its devices and has moved just over a month ago to buy the giant Israeli Anobit, producer just happened to look flash memory SSD, do we have documented in this article .

Hackers come together at a dreamteam to accelerate the jailbreak of the iPad 2


It looks again and again, but it does not: the jailbreak of the iPad and iPhone 2 4s iOS 5 is closer than ever, for sure, but when will it be available?

To reduce the waiting time and relieve pod2g, author of a jailbreak for the iPad and iDevices processor a4, hackers have decided to unite and work together on this jailbreak their stand!
Some are better known than others, sure, but when you look at the resume of everyone and we know they are now working together, we say that the jailbreak of the iPad and iPhone 2 4s iOS 5 is around the corner.
Indeed, Pod2g, author of a jailbreak for the iPad and iDevices a4 processor running IOS 5.0.1, will receive the backing of legends jailbreak to help overcome the last difficulties which prevent him from publishing tool jailbreak stable and complete ... In the person of MuscleNerd, leader of the Dev-Team; p0sixninja, leader of the Chronic Dev-Team Planetbeing, author of many and jailbreak iPhone Linux project that aims to run another system IOS operating under our iPhone, we have a real dream team made up of the biggest names in the world of hacking.

Only needs Comex and GeoHot, and we could have bet on a jailbreak for this weekend!
This jailbreak, which can reasonably hope for publication until next week, should be available for the iDevice running IOS 5.0.1: other Apple devices have already received a new version of RedSnow, it can not be excluded Apple may release a new version of IOS to fill the vulnerability exploited by Pod2g.

We advise you to backup your shsh (whether iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1, a backup of shsh both being ideal) through software iFaith TinyUmbrella and then to update your iPhone to iOS 5.0.1 and above all not to update if a new version of IOS (IOS 5.0.2 for example) were to be released by Apple.

As always, we will keep you informed of progress on the jailbreak of the iPad 2 in IOS 5.

Camera + Magic Effect Photo Editor appeared in the App Store


Camera + Magic Effect Photo Editor is a new application for your iPhone, or iPhone. This app lets you to all your photos into beautiful artworks. It sometimes seems almost as if your picture taken with a camera, but painted. The app works is fairly simple and you therefore in no time.
You make a picture, or import it from your fotorol. You can then choose from all self-made borders and filters. Camera + Magic Effect Photo Editor is available in the App Store for a price of € 1.59.

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Apple acquired a patent for a new list management


Apple has now a new patent that will then allow Apple to not do this by copying the management of the various lists in the third-party applications from Apple.

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