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Is this the screen of the iPhone 3?


Earlier today you could have some reading about the iPad panels of three , this would , according to DigiTimes which is called IGZO panels. On a Korean forum (registration required), a member would have posted pictures of two screens you can see below.
Above that of the iPhone screen would be 2 and 3 below an iPad. We may see a difference between the two difficult, but if we connect with that of the iPad 2 there is a difference between the two. If we MacRumors may believe there is a difference among different wiring.

As you can see there are three brown ribbon cables leading from the Screen Itself to the circuit board. The small brown cable to the far left is the power cable, while the other two cables are wide for display data. This configuration matches with the top display in the Leaked photo (though the power cable is missing).
The iPhone clAimED 3 3 wide ribbon cables PhotoShows That Might Be Used for dates. The iPad 3 is expected to carry a high resolution screen of 2048 × 1536 which is four times the number of pixels of the current iPad 2, so the need for Additional data bandwidth would be understand bootable.

SEGA released 2012 edition of the whole platform "Sonic 4: Chapter II"


Sega's "Sonic" series is on a global scale are highly popular game, and today we find the official Sega has announced a series of forums on the sequel "Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 (Sonic 4: Second chapter) "in 2012 landed the major platforms, including XBOX360/PS3/iOS/Android/WP7 news, and released a promotional video:

"Sonic 4: Chapter II" is a "Sonic 4: The first chapter," the sequel, will adopt a new physics engine development, the game screen up to 1080p, corresponding to the major high-definition home console, iPad 2 and the use of Android and WP7 HD mobile device operating systems, various ways to enhance the operation of the game into a sense of both host and device with which the players (Wii tears mesh), can feel a sense of sonic hedgehog speed maneuvering.   SEGA in 2010 introduced the "Sonic 4: Chapter," and sold on the iOS platform, this time of continued support for the addition to the new platform, but also for the NVIDIA Tegra processor is optimized, but good news is that the device is also WP can play to this for. Adventure continues, there was the game industry "hardcore" title SEGA now has an open mind to the mobile platform to spread his own way, more like sonic hedgehog in new platforms and new models on display charm, to more people bring happiness

Developers successfully run on Apple TV iOS application


Those who have been entangled want to jailbreak your Apple TV users may this time there really is a good reason for escape had. Well-known developer Steven Troughton-Smith and other developers said recently that they have successfully run on Apple TV iOS applied.   Troughton-Smith posted on the Twitter photos to show Apple TV to run their homemade iOS springboard and a variety of iOS applications.   Although the Apple TV's software is based on the iOS system, but to run iOS applications in the above is a difficult task. Developers to re-write the basic springboard. Although not yet released, but hope remains high.   It reminds us of the original native iPhone application store is not the time, escaped those who need to find another way. Apple notes that the local third-party applications are more and more attention, the official Apple App Store also came into being. Perhaps, the same thing will happen again.

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