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Developers successfully run on Apple TV iOS application

Those who have been entangled want to jailbreak your Apple TV users may this time there really is a good reason for escape had. Well-known developer Steven Troughton-Smith and other developers said recently that they have successfully run on Apple TV iOS applied.   Troughton-Smith posted on the Twitter photos to show Apple TV to run their homemade iOS springboard and a variety of iOS applications.   Although the Apple TV's software is based on the iOS system, but to run iOS applications in the above is a difficult task. Developers to re-write the basic springboard. Although not yet released, but hope remains high.   It reminds us of the original native iPhone application store is not the time, escaped those who need to find another way. Apple notes that the local third-party applications are more and more attention, the official Apple App Store also came into being. Perhaps, the same thing will happen again.


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