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A new scam by Mail asks for information on our Apple account. Warning!

Some attackers they would be sending fake emails asking for details of our accounts Apple . The emails appear very similar to real applications from Apple, but do not be fooled.

The agency Intego has revealed that this new attempt to steal personal data, published a notice on the scam earlier this week.
This phishing email is sent from an account "appleid@id.apple.com" and informing them that the purchase information are about to expire and will need to follow a certain link to solve the problem.
Customers are therefore urged to click on a link 'http://store.apple.com' that redirects to a fake login page to enter Apple's only useful for our data 'donandoli' to fraudsters.
Although phishing aimed at Apple customers is not new, this particular effort has attracted special attention because the mail is incredibly detailed and well crafted. The message uses the Apple logo with relative uses shading and better graphics than previous scams.
As a precautionary measure, users should always remember not to click directly on links in the mail, but go to their sites on their own.


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