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'Cross your fingers': new update from pod2g progress for the Jailbreak on-chip A5

Very attentive pod2g to inform the public about the status of the work behind the chips Apple A5 , one mounted on devices like the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 . A few moments ago, a new update was published on his blog official.

This post explains the notorious hacker known that many hackers are helping to find a security flaw in the chip A5 in order to release a stable tool for the untethered jailbreak of the iPhone and iPad 4S 2 with IOS 5.0.1.
Planetbeing The hacker, known for some Jailbreak and Unlock with previous versions of Apple firmware, after a long absence from the scene has agreed to cooperate with pod2g.
In addition we know that MuscleNerd is closely working to find this exploit having already released an updated version of redsn0w Jailbreak to allow mounting of devices that do not A5.
And last but not least, P0sixninja delChronic Dev Team leaders who have long worked together with pod2g.
A well-matched team of hackers are working hard to release this Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone and iPad 4S 2, a jailbreak now available through Redsn = w on all devices that do not feature the new chip, named several times, Apple's A5.
Pod2g ends his post with a simple 'Cross your fingers'.


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