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Developers working on iOS porting to Apple TV

Throughton Steven Smith is a name you've gone several times to see Apple come on Spot. Steven Throughton Smith worked with the hacker to chpwn Siri port to the older iDevices than the iPhone 4S, which he therefore succeeded . Now Siri now legally available for download for those with a jailbreak, Steven has already started a new project with a developer named TheMudKip.
The above image was you may have noticed, because we see an Apple TV, and a screen with the familiar IOS. It's the Apple TV running on the IOS, Steven and above have almost the entire TheMudKip springboard to rewrite. There is still very much to be done, but we'll keep you updated about the latest developments.
Developer Steven Troughton-Smith Has Been working with a developer named TheMudKip to add functionality to the application iOS Apple TV. The tweaking is still in its early stages, but the concept of running apps Has Been at least proven. In order to accomplish the task of running applications on the Apple TV IOS, the IOS Springboard, the Software That Powers the app launcher had to be re-written


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