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H1Siri, the Syrian port of the CD-Team, will be released tomorrow?

Through a tweet , the CD-Team has announced that tomorrow, the day of 06/01/2012 there will be big news. It will be the release of new version of H1Siri, the new version of Apple's porting assistant voice?

When we told you about H1Siri for the first time , we did not know that the tweak was completely illegal, for violation of various confidential files from Apple. So the CD-Team has decided to rewrite it completely in order to have a code other than 100% compared to Apple. In all probability, then the tweak will be legal.
Tweak will be released on Cydia, a repository that has not yet been announced. The reason why developers have been waiting to jailbreak untethered type is due to the fact that installing the tweak is almost certainly need a reboot, which is not possible except by computer at hand for those who have the type tethered jailbreak.
We will keep you updated.


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