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You go to school? Grids see the app for the iPod touch / iPhone

It's been a while since I've been to school. I was a glider so I can do a lot of training. What I remember from that period, the grids that were adapted for the week. You'll walk around with a piece of paper to see where you should go. There's always one in a group that leads the way but this was sometimes wrong. Now there's the App Schedules! Apps of Jove.

You know exactly what box when!

The app can Grids are an easy way your timetable for completing the whole week. You can tap the day and the next screen, each line edit boxes where you place. If you did this you can tap on the bottom [Back and Save]

Schedules the app! is very easy and very limited. It must have here mainly for its simplicity and because we judge the App therefore. For a future update could you think of times at the hour. If you have a 2 week schedule then you need this every time manually or use the Schedule tab change.

What I like: The app is extremely easy and convenient and very easy! It takes up no space and you do not need internet!

What I like less: You can fill out a weekly schedule. When you tap lattice you can change it changes state. Here you have to hit enter to the next line otherwise everything comes to an end line. (2 screenshots below for an example)


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