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Messages +, a new application for managing SMS

Messages + is a new interesting application of Cydia views to improve the management of SMS: more precisely, is the evolution of the application tAlert. Tweak allows you to respond faster to text messages, and integrate perfectly with iPhone OS 5, and then it is also compatible with IMessage.

Respond to your messages from any active application without closing it, will eventually be a reality: this is the most exclusive of the application, as there is no need to exit the application to reply to an SMS.
Key features include:
Native integration with the application of IOS Posts, and compatibility with IMessage
Composing an SMS from any screen of IOS
Replying to a message from each screen of IOS
Sending MMS from conversation mode
Reply to text messages without closing open applications before
When you receive a text message, just click on the banner to launch the application's interface, this application is closed by clicking on the cross, and magically return to the page where you were. Noteworthy is also the integration with the Activator, which allows you to write text messages in virtually any screen.
The only bug that presents the application occurs when an attachment is displayed, the cross to hide the banner notification is not present, when composing a message or response, if the screen is locked or if you leave the 'Message + interface, you lose the message that is written.
Here is a small video demonstration:

The application is available at a cost of $ 7.99, but for those who have already bought the tAlert tweaks, the update is free. You can still install the free trial. You can download it at repo ModMyi . Dependencies: Compatible only with iPhone OS 5 and higher, there must be already installed on MobileSubstrate, preferenceloader, and libstatusbar libactivator.


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