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The cargo load ... CES 2012 SSD

It was not Apple invented the memory SSD (Solid-State Disk), but certainly we must thank the Cupertino company, to have introduced this new technology, dedicated to data storage, the latest MacBook Air , with the additional merit of render it economically accessible to all users.
But what is a SSD in a nutshell?
To understand this, we start from what until yesterday was the technology of choice for mass storage: HDD (Hard Disk Drive). The famous Hard Disk is made up of one or more platters / disks in rapid rotation, made of aluminum or glass, coated with magnetic material and two heads for each disk. It is precisely the movement through their heads that allow you to write and read data on disk.
The SSDs, unlike their predecessors, have no moving parts, do not require mechanical or electrical parts and are based on NAND flash memory.
This allows him to have fast access to data much shorter than traditional HDDs, greater stability, are unlikely to yield errors of reading / writing and speaking are physically much more subtle. This technology has been slow to come out because of its very high price.
Apple in 2011 was the first company to launch a complete computer like the MacBook Air, which had built-in SSD memory as standard, at a affordable price of $ 999. Today we all know how many seconds it takes a boot of the Macbook Air, almost instantaneous ignition, to embarrass any Macbook Pro
The competition is gearing up, and of course there are those who expects to be able to run with mass storage ultrabook based SSD as soon as possible in this 2012. The ESC will be an important stepping stone and a stage important to get closer to all potential users of this technology.
Apple, which will not be present at CES, is already at work to bring SSDs on a wide range of its devices and has moved just over a month ago to buy the giant Israeli Anobit, producer just happened to look flash memory SSD, do we have documented in this article .


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