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The iTV could offer a dynamic backlighting for superior image quality

Apple has recently filed a patent called "Dynamic Backlight Adaptation for Black Bars with Subtitles" which translated would mean "dynamic backlight adaptation for black bars with subtitles." The only thing that is clear is that it is a system that can be used to provide better image quality in its iTV.
Apple said in the patent that the black bars above and below the video on a widescreen TV, a panel may make it difficult for television to color balance black q hese black portions, without images, complicate the analysis of the brightness of the image during playback , and therefore can create problems in the determination of the brightness of the video signal and adjusting the intensity of the light source. Apple cites the patent that these portions of the image, can also produce visual problems, which can degrade the end user's experience when viewing the screen.
The solution of the company's Cupertino, would be to dynamically change the backlight. In addition, the California-based company said that the system synchronizes the intensity of the adjustment of the light source with the current video image to be displayed in better way. This technology will likely be implemented on the upcoming iTV, whose launch is planned for the end of 2012. Please note that they are still rumors, although quite insistent.


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