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Gevey simcard to unlock iPhone 4 (5.0.1) simple tutorial

As the apple in the release iOS5 claimed that the new firmware. 0.1 improves the performance of all iOS devices, and repair a variety of Bug, which so many rely on Gevey card affixed to unlock the iPhone 4 users concerned because they are afraid of losing after upgrade original unlocked.
So we have to bring is a card posted through Gevey unlock iPhone4 (5.0.1) of the simple tutorial. Prior to this, we need to figure out two things:
Posted the highest-Gevey card can unlock baseband 4.10.01 of the iPhone4, so in this tutorial we will show them how to protect the iPhone4 baseband upgrade to iOS5.0.1, this step can be RedSn0w the latest version 0.9. 10b3 to.
- You need to know a fact: If you upgrade directly iPhone4 to iOS5.0.1, the baseband will be upgraded to 4.11.08, the current can not be unlocked.
Gevey simcard unlock iPhone4 (5.0.1) requires the following conditions:
- iTunes forWindows / Mac;
-GeveySIM (recommended to buy from official sources);
Step One: Connect the iOS device connected to the PC, and open RedSn0w0.9.10b3.

Step Two: In RedSn0w0.9.10b3 them into Extras and select CustomIPSW, find iOS5.0.1IPSW firmware, then RedSn0w will begin to "modulation" of your choice iOS firmware.
Step Three: After the above step to enter PwnedDFU.
tep Four: Now make sure your iOS devices turned off, and is connected to the PC, and then click Next. In this step, which RedSn0w will pop up a guide on how to enter DFU mode box, we will not go into details.
Step five: Open iTunes, restore to the second step which iPhone4 custom iOS5.0.1IPSW (file name beginning with NO_BB).
Thus iPhone4 (iOS5.0.1) unlock done.


{ jacksmith } at: 7 July 2012 at 17:50 said...

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Gevey iOS5.1.1

{ jhon cena } at: 20 July 2012 at 16:06 said...

Recent times when internet has so much gossiping and stuff, your content really refreshes me.

Anonymous at: 22 September 2012 at 15:43 said...

I guess this info is totally unique.

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