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Siri cracked the legal re-porting progress without iPhone 4S

Christmas Day last year, foreign to our crack team i4Siri released Siri on legal migration to the iPhone 4, and be able to run the perfect video presentation. Then Siri legal migration tools Spire shelves Cydia, the success of so many old iOS users were using Siri, taking nearly three months of regret.
  Because of copyright issues, we know the need to use a Spire iPhone4 S as the information to build a bridge, that is, if you want to use old equipment Siri, iPhone4S is the first to hold the equipment. This is regrettable Spire makes a major aspect.
  However, as i4Siri update this vexing problem seems solved. Because of his previous copyright issues, i4Siri team MarkDiFranco been trying in the Siri generation. SiriProxy management server based on the development of a self-server, and using Google Voice API to Siri voice commands. In other words, with Google Voice API, i4Siri not need Apple authorized to connect to the server with Siri.
  In other words, i4Siri can now be used together with the Spire, and no longer need iPhone4S as the information bridge, i4Siri also stated that this method is also legal. We can the following iPod touch4 Siri demonstration video which runs for more information:


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