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Pod2g explain how to find loopholes in the whole story iOS

Pod2g iOS devices is well-known escape , and also iOS 5 . 0.1 perfect escape vulnerability discoverer. Today Pod2g updated his blog, Corona explained the whole story of vulnerability discovery the perfect escape. Pod2g explained, because Apple has blocked iOS 5 all previously known vulnerabilities, he could only open a new path. Corona in the development of escape, he was not looking for a way to Mach-O load, so he started looking for loopholes.
  Through a vulnerability checking tool, a few hours later, he racoon configuration analysis code to find a format string vulnerability. Racoon IKE is IPSec-tools in the realization of the iOS default, when you open the IPSec will automatically open. Racoon is the origin of the name Corona.
  If you are interested in the development of escape, you can read Pod2g full blog, be inspired.


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