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Next year Apple will release a new expansion iPad product

PiperJaffray analyst GeneMunster investors on Wednesday released a report that because Apple has not been introduced this year, any new design of the hardware, so Apple will launch in 2012, several new designs. This is one of the most anticipated new user-designed " iPhone 5 ", he predicted iPhone5 time for the release in mid-2012.
If Apple released in 2012 called "iPhone5", Munster thinks Apple's business performance in 2013 will be an additional highlight. His conservative estimates Apple's iPhone sales will reach 142 million, revenue will increase 18%. At the same time, he maintains that the market can accept it, Apple's iPhone sales may exceed 162 million, revenue will increase 35%. Munster admitted that he predicted Apple's revenue in 2013 will increase 14% is relatively conservative. Apple's revenue this year improved 56%.
In addition to iPhone, Munster also believes that Apple will release the third generation iPad , which will replace the current iPad2 . If Apple decides to expand iPad product line, he considered the company's growth rate will exceed expectations. Munster predicted Apple iPad conservative sales in 2013 reach 66 million, which will help Apple's revenue improved 11%. He believes that if Apple decided to launch low-cost and high-priced version of iPad, he thinks Apple will once again break the expected revenue. Only the current iPad WiFi and 3G versions, capacities 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.
Last month, analysts say Apple will release the iPad3 with Retina display hardware equipment and slightly higher than the iPad2 iPad2S, the report also pointed out that Apple may reduce the price of iPad2 to attract more users. Finally, Munster also believes Apple will launch a new 2012 product line designed MacbookPro and 15-inch MacbookAir.


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