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Explosion at a manufacturer of the iPad 2, sixty injured

It's still a story of an explosion in a factory of a manufacturer of components for the iPad 2 that shakes news and suggesting that there is still some way to go side to work for Apple partners in good conditions. You are talking about.

If Apple products are good quality, do not forget that behind all this there are men who work to produce them, often in conditions that could be judged poor for very low wages.

Thus, we learned that Pegatron factory, located in Songjiang District in Shanghai, has exploded the last weekend causing many casualties (sixty), but fortunately no fatalities.

After the explosion at the Foxconn factory that took place in May and had three dead (and not two as you have stated here ) is the second plant that manufactures the iPad 2 which undergoes such a mishap in a year.

According to preliminary findings, Pegatron factory that manufactures the casing of the iPad using aluminum, would have exploded after the dust of aluminum, highly flammable, will be inflamed
The second incident in less than one year has not been commented in an official manner by the directors of Apple, but this is a bad advertisement for the firm at the apple. Especially bad that the Chinese media have conducted an information campaign this year against environmental damage caused by subcontractors of Apple. Apple claims to have products that meet environmental standards seems less looking at in terms of the process of its units.

The accident at the plant Pegatron also puts his finger on the security problems that exist in manufacturing facilities in China, safety standards are not the priority of officials it seems. It is very far from the episode where Steve Jobs walking through the California plants at the beginning of Apple demanded to see no dust on the machines, profitability has largely taken precedence over security.

Hopefully Apple will be more demanding in the future with its partners in terms of security, this is a bad advertisement for the firm at the apple in addition to slow its production rate.

As we approach the launch of the manufacture of the iPad 3, it is hoped that this type of accident no longer take place next year.


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