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iCoin: Great concept an iPod in the form of a coin

Not so long ago you could read on the Apple spot , according to the New York Times, Apple is busy developing a new iPod that includes Siri would support. The New York Times claimed that this so-called new iPod will support not only Siri, but also include a curved screen. We now have a great concept for you called the "iCoin. This concept is of Dutch origin, as it is in fact made ​​by the company SpreadTheWord .
The iCoin be a tiny iPod proposals in the form of a coin. The iCoin according to the concept will be available in six different colors, Siri support will be possible for apps to use and you can also use it as an MP3 player or pocket. Whether the iCoin practicable, still the question, but we can at least say that we love it.


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