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Real Racing 2 for the Mac Available - iPhone cases can be used as a "wheel" (Video)

The successful racing game Real Racing 2 is now available in the Mac App Store available. At a price of € 10.49 is obtained with the 700 megabyte download 15 different race tracks and can either play in career mode, ride time trials or for quick fun one free race start.
Of particular interest to owners of iPhone cases is the ability to use the IOS device as the "steering wheel". The connection is made via the local wireless network and a browser application. Driving in this way actually makes a lot of fun, how it all works you see in the video below ...

At this point also to note that currently all of the IOS version are available for 79 cents Real Racing Real Racing and Real Racing 2 for iPhone and iPod touch as well as Real Racing HD and Real Racing 2 HD for the iPad. Real Racing 2 at the picture on AirPlay can also transfer device to a TV (Apple TV or HDMI adapter provided).


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