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Gameloft apologizes to users and removes advertising by Hero of Sparta 2 back to making payment

A few minutes ago we received a message from Gameloft on to Hero Of Sparta 2 , recently became free. The game is now returning to full price while retaining all the features present before the upgrade.
The French software house would have received many complaints from fans of Hero of Sparta for iPhone 2 after the game has become free , and also their belief that the experience of play is no longer the best possible, have decided to respond immediately removing advertising from the game.

Here is the message from gameloft
Gameloft want to apologize to all fans of Hero of Sparta 2 players because of poor gaming experience offered by the free version. We recognized that advertising has deteriorated inserted in updating the gaming experience. We then removed all the banners in the game so bringing it back to the previous version. Thank you for sharing your views and we hope that our response was the one you hold. Happy holidays and have fun with Hero of Sparta 2! "
Because of the "races Christmas" this game was not passed through all the classic standards with regard to the quality that the company wants in its securities.


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