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Jailbreak developers are still functional proof of concept

When Apple announced iOS5 notification center, many people send voices of doubt: "These features are not Android and WindowsPhone7 users with the functionality for a while? "In some of the features, Apple was deemed too stubborn, determined not to inadequate will be presented to the user, so that the introduction of certain features are always half a beat slower than the competition.
  Seeing Google's IceCreamSandwich new system has also been released, Apple needs to up the pace, while ensuring the user experience, ahead of the competitors before releasing new features. Jailbreak developers JoshuaTucker (Siri migration projects, one of the test) that there are many features of iOS open space, to inform the center as an example, he thinks Apple can add more features to make it more perfect.
  Which presents a concept of "set" switch built into the notification center. Sometimes the user to open Wi-Fi, or GPS and trouble to open to open the "Settings" application, Apple can simplify these steps. Of course, all the current jailbreak application has to make up for this flaw, but if iOS to own these features, the user may desire to escape would be less.

Another "Notification Center" concept is the central processing tasks directly in the notice, without opening the entire application, such as viewing a message, send and receive text messages like a simple operation.


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