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"Doodle Jump" for iOS update adds ice-world scenarios

"Doodle Jump" (Doodle Jump), is a very interesting skill iOS games. In the game you can own the iPhone gravity sensor to operate, so that graffiti springs up little monster kept jumping in the process of jumping to avoid all kind of obstacles, jump higher, the higher the score.   The high popularity of casual games has ushered in the update, the main increase in the white snow and ice brought the world the game background. In this background that the game, players need to stay away from ice and snow world in which the cold, otherwise it will immediately become the Iceman. Not to provoke the monster that looks like a penguin, not as sharp as the blade close to those icicles.   After the current update of the "graffiti jumping" has been available in the App Store, the price is $ 0.99


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