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iPhone Entertainment video production star: Video Star

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small series have two feelings, one that does a lot of special effects software, and second, there are a lot of silly these effects may be the author in the video to as many will have demonstrated effects out, so I see the whole MTV, but its done properly, the appropriate choice of effects, the effect should not be poor, so it is recommended to everyone to try. PS: software for the general program, to support Chinese, the following is taken from the official description:
Cool music video recording at any time. Lip-... dance ... to capture your friends' actions. Now * you * is the Movie Star!
Super Simple Pleasures, the first step, from your iPod music library, select the songs, the second step, when the music is playing, your own or your friends to video, the corresponding type, doing the action can be. Video recording is complete, you can publish online with your friends and fans to share your masterpiece.
Video Star built a large number of video effects, you can also create your own effects. The layout of the beautiful, cool colors, dazzling action and excellent framework to come together. This is a video special effects studio! Mixed together! Production of multi-scene video is very simple and fun: Change the location, wearing, camera, special effects ... everything, without having to edit!
- Dozens of video effects, thousands of combinations!
- can be instantly uploaded to YouTube
- Video sharing has been released to Facebook, Twitter and e-mail
- full support for iPhone 4, iPod touch and 4th generation of pre-and iPad 2 rear camera

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