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The App Store "frozen" until December 29, 2011

As every year for two years now, the App Store will be "frozen" during a short week, time to let the teams go and blow the Christmas family.

The gel from the App Store is primarily an opportunity for all teams who work to blow over during the holiday season.

After the great year that has passed Apple (for accounting, of course), Tim Cook had promised a week of well deserved vacation during the Christmas and here we are.

Thus, from December 22 to 29, there will be no disruption at the App Store, this includes:

- No further release of new applications .

- More updates.

- More than the price change applications.

However, it is always possible to:

- Normally purchase applications.

- Obtain in-app purchasing applications.

Indeed, having to lower prices or free on the App Store, it makes no sense since its objective is to share with you all these good plans. Back to the topic at Friday, December 30, to be there!

It is also an opportunity for our teams a break and slow down the activity after a busy year. Of course, feel free to pass every day, because the site will continue to bring you news and it will be the opportunity to review the applications that we would have missed.

Again thank you for your loyalty to you on the subject of free promotion and who sees over 3,000 visitors every time. We are waiting even more effective December 30.


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