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Pod2g asks for help to the Chronic Dev Team to Jailbreak the A5 and chips for the release of the tool release [UPDATED]

New news from pod2g , the young hacker who is working to Untethered Jailbreak of our dispoitivi. It seems that you have completed the process of unlocking all previous generations of devices that do not mount the chip Apple A5 and the tools to be released thanks to the Chronic Dev Team .

Pod2g wrote directly on his blog that has to focus only on the new chip A5 and believes that the Chronic Dev Team can give him a big hand to solve the problems is finding.
In the meantime, however, is aware of the desires of all those owners of devices that are not iPhone or iPad 4S 2, who do not care to wait for the exploits of the chip A5 or even the release of iPhone OS 5.1. It then states that he had sent all the material on the A4 chip and earlier, right in the Chronic Dev Team so that it can implement in the tool and release it quickly.
Update: As many have noted the words of pod2g promises a second scenario that at first I did not read properly interpreted. The hacker does not want to disappoint all those who are waiting for the Untethered Jailbreak for devices without chips A5 yet do not want to lose the exploit found for iOS 5/5.0.1 after months of work. This would happen if we anticipate releasing a first time release version of the tool and then plug the hole with Apple's iPhone OS 5.1, before the release of Jailbreak for iPhone and iPad 4S 2. The boy then you will help to speed the Chronic Dev Team, and publish as soon as possible to universal tool for devices with chip A5


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