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Solution to problem-iMessage found stolen iPhones

iMessage was recently in the news because of reports of stolen iPhones iMessage keep coming. Even if your iPhone remotely erased if you've given your assignment operator SIM blocking iMessage remains active. Finally, there is now a permanent solution.

IMessage The problem is annoying for the original owner, for example a thief in your name all sorts of nonsense messages. The problem is even if you've used your iPhone sold and / or already have purchased another phone. iMessage continues to forward messages to your old phone, which you often do not possess. In the past few days many half-baked solutions were developed such as setting up a SIM PIN, but only one appears to be the final solution . And that is completely reset your device to deactivate the old SIM card from your provider and a new SIM card into your new phone to activate. Only then iMessage understand the messages to a new device to be sent.
iMessage the messaging application on the iPhone, which is closely integrated with SMS messages. If both sender and receiver have iMessage, the message will be sent free via the data network and not SMS. The error in the system iMessage Apple can be solved as described above. Only then can iMessage the new device with the correct Apple ID and the correct SIM card. There is still a problem if the iPhone sells switches to a device from another brand: you can iMessage then not activate a new device and is thus a risk that iMessage messages are coming in on your old set. It can also prevent friends think they have sent a iMessage message that never arrives. We hope that the problem in an Apple firmware update will solve either iMessage centrally tweak so that it no longer exists.


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