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2011 Top 10 Best Apple Accessories

Unconsciously, we are close to the end of 2011. In this past year, we have seen many crazy, fun, strange, beautiful Apple accessories, these accessories have joy we had, or lovely too. We have also seen a variety of design mediocre, lackluster appearance but powerful accessories. So, in the countless products which, do you think a 2011 can be called the king of Apple accessories do?   Here we follow the famous footsteps of Apple Technology websites CultofMac to see them out of its 2011 Readers' Choice Top 10 Apple accessories (in order). Smart Cover

I believe this product came in this position will not lead to much controversy, in the eyes of many iPad 2 users, it is beyond the general definition of protective cover. In addition to providing positive protection iPad 2, the perfect multi-faceted folding bracket function, and bright spots of the magnet wake / sleep, Smart Cover iPad 2 has been selected when the user first purchase accessories. Parrot AR.Drone

Now who do not want to own a miniature unmanned machine? This is a competitive information age. Introduced by the developer Parrot AR Drone unmanned machine available after creating a new era of micro-aerial photography, users can control iOS devices, and can enjoy on these devices AR Drone taken all scenarios. Mophie Juice Pack Air

This product became the most frivolous iPhone 4/4S external battery, but you think it looks like a protective shell? The fact is, it is designed by the well-known parts supplier Mophie battery + protective shell combo products, both for iPhone 4/4S total there are complaints that the battery provides additional power - 36 hours of music playback time, but also the love machine for the user to provide personal protection. Air Zepplin by B & W

You pocket the extra $ 600 also, but do not know what accessories to increase for the iPhone? Zeppelin Air would be a good choice. Its price is really beyond the bottom line of many people to bear, but you have to admit that it is value for money. In addition to the unique shape of the audio design and awesome experience, this speaker system via AirPlay or Mac with iOS devices to connect, so you listen to a variety of musicians. Book Book Case

Believe the Book Book Case sets of fans will not be less protected, whether you are a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or iPad users, this product will let you put it down. Once a user commented: Book Book Case protective sleeve of birth, a good sense of humor in those tremendous and a bridge between people, because this series looks like a protective cover to steal from an old library to antique books. " JamBox

Developers have said, JamBox is smallest on the planet, the best sound quality of wireless speakers. Although this product is very mini, but it can play up to 85 decibel volume, enough to penetrate every corner of the home. At first glance, you are not on the exterior design has been refined to its fascinated? PlugBug

You have to admit, PlugBug is a very unique one charger, you can at the same time as the MacBook + iPad or iPhone to charge. For those who are tired of carrying two power adapters, and for a bunch of batteries around in the slot near the line was crazy users, PlugBug is a very good reference. Olloclip

iPhone 4/4S camera accessories we've seen a lot, but Olloclip is undoubtedly the leader among these products. This camera accessories can make your iPhone 4/4S has suddenly turned into a fish eye, wide angle, macro triple camera lens, macro lens is cleverly hidden in the wide-angle lens below, you can switch between demolition. Moreover, Olloclip also already a very good iPhone 4/4S made ​​technology to enhance image quality, pictures are only for others amazed. Keyboard Case by ZAGG

To tell the truth, not all users like the iPad will be converted into their love machine like laptops, but if you want to experience a different kind of iPad, you want to see on the screen in the iPad physical keyboard, play their own use fonts, so you want to use the MacBook's iPad feeling, then parts from ZAGG's protective shell of this keyboard is worth considering your target. Glif iPhone Stand

This specially designed accessories for the iPhone 4/4S has two functions: allows iPhone to complete on a tripod shooting, it can support a different perspective from the iPhone, as your love machine provides multi-faceted - such as typing, games, video browsing and other operations, is not it cool?   Front of you dear friends, in your mind, 2011 is the best Apple accessories which one do?


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