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Air Dictate uses iPhone 4S and Siri to wirelessly dictate

Air Dictate is a new app developer Avatron, which you can dictate text into a Mac desktop application like Pages or Word. Before you use the iPhone 4S and the voice recognition of Siri. The iPhone is a voice recognition microphone, so you (English) lyrics dictate. It works with desktop software such as TextEdit, Mail, and many other applications where you can type in text. On the iPhone you only 4S Air Dictate app to start and select the desired desktopapp. Apple's Bonjour technology makes a list of nearby computers on the screen, so the text is not on the Mac screen displays the neighbor (or may, if you want a joke tricks).

Air Dictate will cost 79 cents and has a condition that iPhone and Mac on the same wireless network must be registered. Also, the desired program on the Mac desktop are already open, ready to enter text. Press the button and speak some text in, it will by Siri's dicteermachine be converted to typed text and appear in the app.
The approach of Air Dictate is different from Vocal , a Siri-like app that a few days ago, and which you can control your Mac with Siri. A YouTube video shows that when Vocal is open apps, perform searches and copying and pasting text.
Air Dictate is intended to dictate. Now of course there are already other solutions, such as Dragon for the Mac . It allows you a iPhone app for dictation , but you must first purchase the package: Dragon Dictate costs $ 200 with a USB microphone and 300 euros with a Bluetooth headset. Air Dictate is its price tag of € 0.79 a lot cheaper. Like Dragon Dictate lets you dictate Air Dictate only in English, as Siri no Dutch can understand.

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