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Thieves love Apple Mobile Metro Police warned the public

Subway Apple phone line pull high crime of pickpocketing. Yesterday, the bus high incidence Corps released by the end of the subway in the case of the Apple mobile phone theft in first place, followed by bus priority time to "grab the door" disputes like pickpocketing and police intelligence. Police said the bus, subway line in the high crime of pickpocketing Apple phone is characterized mainly by gang crime, choose the target mainly young women, the main modus operandi is to pull off the headset after Apple mobile phone theft to go.

 As in the subway with the Apple phone's songs are mainly women, when the phone is stolen, the phone did not immediately react, is stolen, but rather that the phone is a problem, pickpockets take the opportunity to fast transfer of stolen property and escaped.
  Police reports, specifically the Apple phone in the subway pickpocket pickpocketing crime areas mainly in the subway station, the uplink channel and docked at the elevator, where once succeeded after pickpocketing easy escape.


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