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Chix vs. Aliens: beautiful girls defy the aliens in this fun Arcade Game [Video]

Chix vs. Aliens is a new game available in App Store in which you must try to save the beautiful girls from alien invasion. Arcade title that promises to entertain players for hours.
Nenna, Kinsey, Clara, Emma and Mary CHIX are a team of beautiful girls from super powers that are having fun on the beach just as a bunch of trigger-happy aliens decide to invade the land.
Check the Power Disc, a type of rotating disc able to free the girls and defeat the alien invasion.
Chix vs. Aliens is a very addictive game with arcade elements that are based on the most popular video games of past success with images and sounds in the manga and anime style.
Challenge yourself and your friends, try to complete all levels with the highest score;
Trap the aliens to release their biggest special powers;
Become an expert player and saves all the girls.
Unlock all the beautiful manga pictures of girls in the Gallery.
Animations at 60 FPS
Sound and original soundtracks, and anime-style arcade game room.
Play for hours and hours of fun!
Over time you'll find a lot of advanced techniques for using the powers of the aliens at the right time to complete even the most difficult levels.
Here is a video showing the game in action:

New levels and many other content will come in future updates.
Chix vs. Aliens is available in the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 4.3 or later.

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