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WCDMA version of the iPhone 4S 3C certificate by: sales

Yesterday, reporters from the China Quality Certification Center Web site noted, WCDMA standard iPhone 4S has been Compulsory Certification (CCC certification). Last week, iPhone 4 S also received the Ministry of telecommunications equipment network access license, which means that WCDMA version of the iPhone 4S sales procedures in place in China. Unicom's sales manager has said, iPhone 4S will certainly be in the market before the Spring Festival next year.

At present, both China Unicom or Apple officially announced iPhone 4S none on the mainland price. However, China Unicom has committed itself, iPhone 4S listing, calls will be offering attractive subsidies. It is reported that some cities have accepted the booking联通营业厅iPhone 4S, and a black and white.
  iPhone 4S 16G version of the Hong Kong price of about 4150 yuan, 32G version of the 4800 yuan, 64G version of the 5454 yuan. At present, the Zhongguancun parallel quotations confusion, from 5200 yuan -6700 yuan has. According to sources within the line, the general price of 5,700 yuan or more is possible is a parallel, lower than the price many of which are unsolicited refurbished machines.
  Prior to China Unicom iPhone contract plans and the use of bare metal are two ways to sell, contract plan will give a substantial fee subsidy. In the first quarter, China Unicom for iPhone subsidies as high as $ 1.3 billion. If the successful introduction of a new generation of China Unicom iPhone, the subsidies will reference the existing level of subsidy.


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