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iPhone loses market share in Europe

The economic situation in Europe ensures that the iPhone's market share has declined. According to figures from the British Kantar Group. Apple's market share is growing in Britain, the USA and Australia but in Europe it is much more difficult. Android phones grow in popularity in Europe, because for very little money can buy. In France, Apple's market share declined from 29 to 20 percent. According to the report, there are increasingly signalenn of price sensitivity: people choose the phone that they expect to get the best deal, not the phone that they prefer to have. In Germany the market share declined from 27 to 22 percent. Even in countries with a currently weak economy such as Italy and Spain dropped Apple's market share.

It has to do with low consumer confidence in Europe, which also plays in business. There is a new recession, when Europe has just been scribbled in the worst financial crisis since the 30s of last century. Governments need to cut back and companies are making redundancies. Europeans appear to hand on the purse to keep said Reuters . This affects the sale of iPhones. Why the British firm still continue to buy iPhones and almost literally fly out the stores, not by the researchers explained. In the United Kingdom increased its market share from 21 to 31 percent in the period Q3 2010 - Q3 2011. In the U.S. it is something more: that the market share of 25 to 36 procent.Over market share in the Netherlands and Belgium was not said.
In Germany, Android the highest market share in Europe: 61 percent. Germany is much less compared with the Netherlands a 'iPhone-land "than the Netherlands, we know from conversations with fellow iphone blogs in Germany. Germany is a land of Nokia users, where many people are switching to cheap smartphones from Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson.


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