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iPad Game : Meng things come and go shoot flat Gugl Battle Version: Smack Match Gugl

iPhone App Description

Has been introduced for the iPhone version of the Smack That Gugl , today iPad version is also free, and the use of iPad's big-screen edge, the game version to upgrade to play against, which can be the same on the iPad and friends split screen game.
This works from the Talking Carl (link) the developer, the protagonist is Carl's brother Gugl, Meng is a consistent feature of his family, whether amused children, or to coax his girlfriend, were very good oh!
Gugl they again pull! They fill you in making the iPad flat before them! Gugl began as a green, then turns red and then explode, to catch this before they shoot flat Oh! Agile, and friends with the dual-screen gaming machine, not only can enhance the feelings of the base can be also improved the situation, but be careful of Gugl cheeky carnage can not touch Oh!

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