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A4 devices have been transferred or escaped soon be released

Jailbreak developers Pod2g announced that he has the perfect iOS devices A4 chip escape was transferred to the Chronic Dev Team, he will focus on the A5 chip devices jailbreak that iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 the perfect escape .   His blog, said: "I saw you in the blog message, know that many people are waiting for the A5's escape and I know that most or A4 user, even older devices, they are waiting the perfect escape . A5 equipment until they have no interest in escape complete, let alone wait for 5.1 release (until Apple released the 5.1 release after the jailbreak did not want to waste I spent a few months to find and develop the vulnerability).   I need to focus on A5 escape and hoping to find a shortcut, I feel Chronic escape team to help me, so I decided to:   1 give up all escape the details, to the Chronic team, so that they complete as quickly as possible, testing, integration and distribution equipment, A4 Prison Break  2 from now on, I will focus on the A5 all devices jailbreak  Pod2g's decision means that, iPhone 4/3GS, iPod touch (third and fourth generation) and the first generation iPad users will soon have to keep finally see the bright, ushered in iOS 5 the perfect escape . we are waiting Chronic's good news


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