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ipad Game : fun big bang: Big Bang! HD

iPhone App Description

U.S. students must play like the "Big Bang" is no stranger to it - today's game ideas came from this - you are the universe 13.7 billion years ago from the big bang, in the game a long history of exploring the story , contains the origin of the universe, life, birth, rise and fall of civilization, of which there are many interesting stories. In short, it quickly began to Big Bang!
Composed of many small puzzle game, you must use your quick response and wisdom, in a very limited time to solve these problems quickly! For example, you need to quickly tap the screen to stimulate the Big Bang to create the universe, or the planets lined up in order to create a solar system. How smooth finish such a long journey, it all depends on your ability slightly ~
Personally think that the game is suitable for normal to pass the pass the time, but also for the children, so children can learn in the game a lot of knowledge, perhaps, Sheldon was born to do so:)

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