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Siri desire on the five functions

Siri fame, people of mixed reviews on her, some people fell in love with Siri, but some can not stand her. But we all have to admit that, Siri considerable potential. Since Apple released a beta of Siri, many of the features are very limited. Siri people may have the function of daydreams coming again and again, where most people want to cite five of Siri function. Need to indicate that, although the desire, but still consider the feasibility, the desire of the five would not include "Siri, give me a bowl of noodles," the illusion.   1 voice read the message. Siri can now search your inbox and find messages according to the title, such a complicated thing can do, how difficult it will read the message?   2 compatible third-party applications. This is not a possible feature. Prior to Apple's future Siri job advertisements revealed the AIP may be provided to developers, which means developers can integrate their own applications and Siri.   3 switch settings. Now that Apple To all the "quick switch settings" related applications expelled from App Store, Apple may have their own description of a shortcut. We hope Apple can set the switch into Siri, but be quick, said jailbreak developers have developed a set switch is integrated into the Siri approach.   4 integrated microblogging. Siri can send text messages and phone calls for us, but not for us updated his Twitter. Taking into account the modern dependence on micro-Bo, integrated micro-Fair brought many conveniences to the user.   5 Run the application. From the lock screen to the user application needs to run a few clicks, if Siri at least run local applications, the user can save a lot of time


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