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Report: iPhone players play the game the players play the Android application

According to foreign media reports, a U.S. research company for the iPhone and Android applications downloaded to the statistics, found that iPhone users prefer to play games, and Android phone users tend to play a variety of applications.   U.S. research firm Xyologic released the report. The company noted that this year, Apple's application store 150 of the top application downloads and more than doubled compared to last year, from 37 million to 97 million times a second. And in the Android platform, the application downloads the top 150 is quadrupled, from 29 million to 125 million times a second. Data, Android has been downloaded more than the iPhone.   Apple's application store in the United States, the first 150 applications, 100 for the game, the rest are non-gaming applications tools. Android Market in the United States, the former number of 150 applications for the 65 games.   In the Apple platform, game downloads 71.5 million times, for the 25.6 million non-game times. And in the Android platform, game downloads for the 33.4 million times, is the 91.5 million non-game times.   Xyologic Matthaus Krzykowski, co-founder, said in iOS platform, game developers more easily build a business model, which stimulated the popularity of mobile gaming. And in the Android platform, the current payment delay prompted to enter the game developers.   The executives said that the Android platform, application and game developers, primarily through advertising revenue, and in the Apple platform, the game is free to try more, developers, primarily through the game's virtual goods revenue.


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