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Steve Jobs has vision video games in education and libraries

In the past, Apple's Mac platform, the game showed no friendly, even before the advent of the iPod touch, they iOS platform game is not so pay attention, until the App Store that the game is indeed profitable. Interestingly, Steve Jobs himself on video games are full of imagination. A video in 1990, Jobs passionate to talk about how to use electronic games in the future field of education, even for applications in the United States Library of Congress.   Jobs that computer simulations and interactive media will be applied to future education. Unfortunately, the current video games in education is not enough wide range of applications, or used to make more big boss.   Video also includes the famous Steve Jobs analogy, metaphor of the computer "brain bike." He said: "I think we distinguish one with the higher primates is that we are toolmakers. I read a survey to measure movement of the different species on the planet efficiency large bald eagle flying one kilometer used minimum energy of human movement efficiency is not particularly prominent, ranked in third position. However, "Scientific American" magazine measured the efficiency of human riding a bicycle, they found that the human riding a bicycle one kilometer far from the energy consumption large vulture one kilometer below the energy consumption, can be ranked first in efficiency.   the computer is also true for me and I think we can create computer is the most unusual instrument, the equivalent of our brain's bike .


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