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Jobs impressive bargaining skills

December 20, 1996 is Steve Jobs return to Apple, since Apple changed the fate of the memorable day. At this point, can not help but miss time from a young Steve Jobs, Apple nostalgic when he had just founded the years. A wrinkled old hand-written note is that Mike Rose (Mike Ross) think of him and Steve Jobs, Wozniak met after the two had the impression. Prior to becoming a great man, 21 years old when some of Silicon Valley's Steve Jobs was suspected.   In 1976, Mike in Los Altos, California (Los Altos) operating an advertising company. Paper is addressed to his partner Mike, in the note, Mike said Steve Jobs as "joker."
At the time, Jobs and Wozniak to produce the first product Apple I, Mike for their printing needs of the Apple I manual, this has to meet three people. Mike recalls, to meet with them, the first impression is that the two "strange madness" of people. Although not famous, then Steve Jobs has been shown in the unique character, which Mike mentioned in the note Jobs "security awareness", he wrote, Jobs "no confidence" to him.   We also found in the note, Steve Jobs bargaining skills is impressive indeed, with Mike's words, Steve Jobs, "are not anxious to spend a penny."   Jobs with the results of "asking price too high," refused to cooperate with Mike, Apple I's manual typesetting by a member of the final production


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