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Apple Application of the Year 2011 escape

Not necessarily the best iOS applications only appear in the App Store, perhaps because they have unlimited freedom to escape the community but prone to user's favorite applications. There are a lot of applications every day landing Cydia, including some of the most innovative and most courage masterpiece. We pick out the best in 2011 jailbreak applications, which do not know if it has your favorite? SBSettings (Free)
"Details of the achievements of the great", that is most appropriate on the SBSettings. It is a switch applications, user settings from the status bar drop-down panel to quickly shutdown, restart, Wi-Fi, 3G and other switch settings. Sounds trivial, but once installed SBSettings, you will be surprised to find that you no longer do without SBSettings. This year SBSettings adds support for iOS 5, 2011, was selected as the best jailbreak application is deserved. MyWi (19.99 USD)
For a jailbreak applications, MyWi price does have some expensive, but considering the introduction of operators can achieve the same purpose accessories price, you would prefer an application, rather than carry a accessories. MyWi can be when you need a computer, the iPhone or iPad connected to a computer via USB, allowing multiple devices to share your computer or mobile carrier network traffic, or iPhone / iPad set into a mobile Wi-Fi router. Wi-Fi hotspots in many applications, MyWi best part is that battery life. iFile (Free)
iFile almost every jailbreak user must install the application, it can facilitate the users to manage files iOS devices, browse the different types of files, compressed Zip package, paste the file to the message ... ... similar to the Mac Finder. Lockinfo (7.99 U.S. dollars)
As the name suggests this is a lock screen application that lets users lock screen to view new messages, calendar appointments events, unread messages, and so on. Relative to similar IntelliscreenX, Lockinfo better user experience. Barrel (2.99 U.S. dollars)
Cydia Barrel is a gorgeous little tool that allows users to customize the main screen to switch between iOS animation. In 2011, Barrel constantly update adds a lot of switching animation effects for the user to select, for every a A more exciting than the last. Springtomize 2 (2.99 U.S. dollars)
Springtomize can be described as feature-rich, almost covering a variety of attractive features, from the effect of animation to the Dock, the icon from the lock screen menu to display, Springtomize can do for you. This year Springtomize released a second version Springtomize 2, for iOS 5 devices. Dreamboard (Free)
Dreamboard is to make your own favorite way to change the default iOS items like homemade is ideal for jailbreak users. IPhone look like you want Windows Phone 7, or let your iPad look like Honeycomb plate it? Dreamboard is for you to achieve these aspirations of the wizard. OS X Ultimatum (free)

OS X Ultimatum exists to meet the Mac has always been a big fan of fantasy - the iOS into OS X. Can you get? Functional integrity of the Finder menu, Stack grid effect, Launchpad, scrollable Dock, draggable window, Mission Control, Dashboard, and customizable lock screen. BiteSMS (Free)
BiteSMS is an enhanced messaging features jailbreak applications and provide a large number of iPhone does not have built-in features such as fast response, fast write, time to send, send, autoresponders, password protection, privacy protection, the report has been sent, contacts, photos show and convenient choice smiley symbol, sign, and so on. IntelliscreenX (9.99 U.S. dollars)
Mentioned above, Lockinfo experience better than IntelliscreenX, but IntelliscreenX Lockinfo expensive than the price, but we highly recommend the application, the difference is, IntelliscreenX itself as a Springboard show, but Lockinfo only as a Dashboard show, more suitable for requirements simple user, and as such, IntelliscreenX can provide relatively rich functionality, you can lock screen into a Mission Control (Tasks control panel). In this panel the user can list all you can think of content, such as calendar, e-mail, text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, weather and so on. You can even directly under the lock screen, delete the message or post Twitter messages.


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